CPRewritten: How to Clear Cache Only on CPR – (dont clear cache for other sites!)

Hey, everyone

I don’t know about you guys, but I certainly get annoyed being forced to clear the cache of my entire browser every time a CPR party comes out. I hate having to re-enter my passwords on every single website again. It drives me nuts!

Thankfully, there is a fix!

How to only clear your cache on CPR

Step 1) Go to https://play.cprewritten.net play page. (it has to be the play page, cannot be home page)

Step 2) Press CTRL + I OR F12 on your keyboard. 

Step 3) Once the dev tools tab on the right opens, right click on the reload button by the address bar.

Step 4) Click Empty Cache and Hard Reload

That’s all!

Now you don’t have to clear your cache completely. 🙂 

Hope you guys enjoyed!


Hello! I’m Chip. I’ve led the Rebel Penguin Federation for a total of a year. I still help to this day!

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