Crazy CPR Glitch – What’s been holding back our recent events?

Hello all,

Our last couple of events have gone awry due to a very strange glitch on CPR. In this post I’ll be talking about the glitch itself and why it prevents us from hosting events on CPR, and I’ll also go over the (hopefully) very short-term plans for RPF and our events.

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Here, I’ll do my best to explain the glitch:

When we log on for an event, we all start at the same room (usually town). So, a lot of people log on early and sit and wait in the starting room. This is how we noticed the glitch. I logged on about 20 minutes before an event yesterday, and we had about 15 people online. I continued hyping chat, and checked CPR with about 5 minutes left, and there were only 4 people online (visible to me). I knew there was no way that many people had logged off, and that nobody else had logged on. So I asked troops who they saw online, and they all reported vastly different numbers and people online.

Essentially what happens, is penguins who are online will disappear from your screen (for an unknown reason) even if they don’t leave the room, log off, or disconnect. They simply disappear, almost like despawning from a room. This inhibits our ability to do just about everything we do in events. We won’t be able to have good formations because no one can see each other. Our tactics will look bad because it’ll seem like so few people are doing them, and in turn, we can’t get pictures. Therefore, until this glitch is fixed, our CPR events are being halted.

Note: We are NOT halting our mascot tracker for CPR or our CPR news posts. Only our normal, scheduled events will be stopped for the time being.

As a result of this, we’ll be holding some events on Penguin Oasis, which is another CPPS. We used this CPPS for RPF Olympics, which was very successful. It was a cool server with a lot of unique features, so be sure to make an account! We WILL be hosting events on this CPPS for the short term.

Click here to register an account on Penguin Oasis!

That’s all the information I have for you today. Our events will be temporarily moved, but we’ll continue our normal CPR mascot tracking and posts as normal. When the glitched is fixed (hopefully very soon), our events will return to CPR!

Fight the good fight!

Popsicle, RPF Leader




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  1. Whoever joins the room first sees the least people, like if you’re in a room and another player enters that room they won’t be visible to you but, they will see you.

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