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Welcome to this weeks Saturday Discussion post!

Today we’ll be discussing the different clothing items available on Club Penguin and which ones we like the best!

Throughout the entirety of Club Penguin, there were hundreds of clothing items released for penguins to buy, collect and wear! This meant the older your penguin was, the higher the chance of you having a ridiculous number of clothing items, some of which could have been very rare.

During the early years of Club Penguin, hair items did not exist, as the first Big Wigs catalogue was not released until 2007, with the hair items being merged into Penguin Style in 2009.

Image result for club penguin big wigs

As time went on, some of the older items became increasingly rarer to find, with a large number of new items being introduced, and older items disappearing for good. Something that also changed was the appearance of the items and penguins. As you can see below, the appearance of the items and penguins in the 2006 catalogue are completely different to that of the 2016 catalogue.

Penguin Style 2006 Catalogue

Penguin Style 2010 Catalogue

Image result for club penguin 2010 catalogue

Penguin Style 2016 Catalogue

Image result for club penguin 2016 catalogue

After Disney’s takeover of Club Penguin, they introduced a lot of clothing items that related to their franchise and movie releases, such as Finding Dory and Frozen Fever. These items were unlike anything that had been in Club Penguin prior to Disney’s takeover.

There were also many rare items available on Club Penguin, these usually came in the form of anniversary hats, as each one was only available once and never again. The rarest clothing item on Club Penguin was the Beta Party Hat, as it was only ever owned by penguins who participated in Club Penguin’s Beta Party in 2005.

Image result for club penguin first party hat


Here are today’s questions:

Which clothing item is your favourite?

Did you have any rare items in the original Club Penguin?

What clothing items from Club Penguin would you like to see in CPU?


Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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  1. Tuba is the best clothing item.
    I had the tuba on original CP.
    I would like to see more tubas in CPU.

  2. 1. My favorite clothing items were the blue buckle up, flare hoodie, and the wisp.

    2. I’m sure I did since I played it for so long, but I don’t remember.

    3. The flare hoodie

  3. My favorite clothing item is the spider costume from Norman Swarm.

  4. 1. My Favorite item are the CJ (fire/water/snow) Clothes because along with my fellow penguins wearing the same clothes, We can change weather we wanted.

    2. The only rare items I had are the party hats from 2009 – 2012 during CP anniversary. I think I did have some rare items other than party hats, but I don’t remember anymore. It’s a very long time ago :'(

    3. I like to see more CJ clothes, CJ Fire has been released, so finally I can get to wear CJ Fire clothes and change the weather (firestorm) along with others, but hopefully in the future, they will release CJ water and snow.

  5. 1) I love the Maracas, I don’t know why I just like the animation.
    2) I had a bunch of anniversary from 2008 onwards
    3) I want to see new items, like the orange propeller hat made for April Fools this year.

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