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Hey RPF!

Welcome to your weekly Wednesday discussion column, where we discuss everything from RPF to Club Penguin to everyday life! Today we are going to talk about the music in Club Penguin!

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Music is everywhere in Club Penguin, and there are many variations of it. Most rooms have their own music, like the track “Coffee Shop,” which is, of course, played in the Coffee Shop! Additionally, some music was specific to parties, like the “In The Dungeons” track for the Medieval party! Tracks were also introduced specifically for mini games, like the “Hydro Hopper” track. Lots of tracks are available to be played in igloos, letting players customize their igloos even more!

The majority of music tracks consist of just music and sounds, like “Team Power,” and “Epic Win.” However, songs with lyrics are also available, like “I’ve Been Delayed,” and “Ghosts Just Wanna Dance.”

Games in Club Penguin also involve music! The DJ3K machine in the Night Club made it possible for players to create music for their igloos, while also earning coins. This was eventually replace with the Soundstudio. The Soundstudio was the new and improved DJ3K – players could make music for their igloos, but they could also publish their tracks to be played in the Night Club!

All of the Club Penguin music is fun to listen to, and we want to know what you think!

Do you have a favorite music track? What is it?

In general, do you prefer tracks with or without lyrics?

Do you prefer DJ3K or the Soundstudio?




  1. I like “Herbert Style”. CHack my igloo and you’ll know why

  2. Best track for me is the Pizzatron 3000 one, its so catchy I remember having it as my ringtone!
    I prefer the DJ3K over the Soundstudio because it was playable and less buggier.

  3. I love Ghosts Just Wanna Dance!

  4. i like the 2016 Cp music mashup

  5. My favorite track is way too hard to pick I’m too much of a music nerd but probably anything from the movie music jam
    I prefer instrumental tracks
    Idk I didn’t I see a soundstudio much I don’t think honk so I gotta say DJ3K

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