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Welcome to another Wednesday discussion post, where we discuss all things from RPF to Club Penguin Private Servers (CPPS) and more! Today we’re going to be discussing one of Club Penguin’s key features: PARTIES!

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There are many different parties that are all unique and fun. One of the types of parties that the original Club Penguin and many CPPSes have is holiday parties! Some exmaples of these are; the April Fools Party (the current party on Club Penguin Universe), the Halloween Party, the Christmas Party, and many others. These parties include fun rooms decorated based on the holiday so that penguins can celebrate online with other players.

There are also many parties that are based on things in Club Penguin itself. For instance; the Puffle Party is based on the creatures of Club Penguin, the Anniversary Parties are a celebration of the creation of the island, and the Card-Jitsu Party is based on the Card-Jitsu game made by Club Penguin!

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Additionally, island themed parties were also created, completely unrelated to Club Penguin and holidays. Parties under these categories include but are not limited to; the Medieval Party, The Fair, and the Prehistoric Party!

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Last but not least, Disney introduced many parties that were based on their franchise and movies owned/made by Disney. For instance, there was a Star Wars Takeover in 2013, and later, parties such as the Frozen Fever Party and the Finding Dory Party.

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The number of themed rooms in parties varies. For instance, the only decoration for the New Years Party were fireworks that could be viewed from the Ski Hill or the Iceberg. However, other parties like the April Fools Party had multiple party rooms, and even added rooms like the Box Dimension.

Now we know the different types of parties, next we must examine the different aspects of parties! One thing that many people enjoy are the free items! These items are usually fairly rare as they only come around when the party is in motion. Also enjoyable are the decorated rooms and the occasional mazes and puzzles.


As discussed, there are a lot of different parties and many different aspects that make parties so enjoyable! Therefore, today we want to hear your thoughts on the subject!

What is your favorite party?

What do you enjoy most about parties?

What kind of parties would you like to see more of?


Please write your answers in the comments below!

-Daniellem, Discussion Division 🤠




  1. 1. Star Wars Takeover
    2. Having people be more active on the servers
    3. More competition parties

  2. 1. Operation Blackout.
    2. Recruiting more people since more people are on for good parties.
    3. Competition Parties or some Snowball fight Party like wars with of course no death but fun.

  3. 1) Mexico Fiesta
    2) I love all the new music that gets added to the game, some tracks can be REALLY nice to listen to.
    3) I would like to see more parties that are small, maybe one or two rooms changed, but see them a lot more often, like once every 10 days.

  4. 1. Star Wars party
    2. How decorations are being done.
    3. Any kind really.

  5. Operation black

  6. 1. Marvel Superhero Takeover, Halloween parties, and Medieval parties.

    2. The free items and seeing the rooms be decorated.

    3. Competition parties.

  7. 1. medieval party
    2. i love how every place looks way cooler and the music and ofc the free shit
    3. I wanna see more parties with in built mini games (like the dragons/mazes etc

  8. 1. Medieval Party
    2. It’s fun to see a different version of the Club Penguin island.
    3. Parties with more decorations in each room and games that are only limited to that specific party.

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