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Hey RPF!

We’re glad you’re joining us with another weekly Wednesday discussion post! Today we’ll examine how Club Penguin Private Servers (CPPS) give out items.

One way that CPPS let their players receive items is that all items are available for everyone. One of the most popular servers that does this is Club Penguin Oasis, which lets you search and add any item. This is great because someone could have any item they wanted without needing coins or waiting for catalogs. However, it can be argued that this makes the items less meaningful.

The other popular way of players getting items are from monthly catalogs. This means they have to wait for the CPPS to update, then they must play games to earn coins in order to buy the items from the catalog. While it is more tedious and you couldn’t get a specific item you wanted, it could make collecting items more fun and more meaningful. This causes some items to become rare, something that doesn’t occur on CPPS like Club Penguin Oasis. A CPPS that currently uses catalogs for items is Club Penguin Online.

Club Penguin’s items are super fun, and we want to know what your favorite way of getting them is!

Do you prefer CPPS where all items are available or CPPS that use catalogs?


-Daniellem, Discussion Division 🤠



  1. 1. I’m fine with both, but I prefer monthly catalogs.

    2. It seems more fair and more fun.

  2. CPPS that use catalogs, cause if all items are available, it will be boring, no rarity whatsoever.

  3. I prefer CPPS’s that use catalogue for regular gameplay because it maintains the rarity of an item but I’d prefer the available for all option if I need to take part in an igloo or outfit contest.

  4. Catalogs, cause where is the fun of getting everything without working for it? games would lose value.

  5. I don’t mind either, but I prefer catalogs because of the excitement that builds up to next month’s items. Whenever CPPSes like CPO update, I’m always going to check the newest catalog first.

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