Discussion: Custom CPPS parties VS. Original Club Penguin parties.

Hello Rebels!

Welcome to another weekly Saturday discussion post! Today we’re going to be talking about whether you like custom CPPS parties or enjoy the nostalgia of reliving original Club Penguin parties.


Firstly, we’ll talk about custom CPPS parties. The current party on Club Penguin Online is in fact a custom party, inspired by similar Club Penguin parties baring the same name: Marvel Super Hero Takeover. This custom party is inspired by the recently released Marvel Infinity War film. The aim of the party is to save the island by collecting the six infinity stones hidden across the island before Thanos. This party has also brought with it a custom Thanos mascot and background! There are many benefits to custom parties, as not only can they introduce new items and mascots, but they also bring players of Club Penguin new experiences that they have not had before.


Now we’re going to discuss the original Club Penguin parties. When CPPSes bring back parties we remember from old Club Penguin we relish in the nostalgia we have and enjoy earning our new penguins all the old items we thought were lost along with our old penguins. Over the years, Club Penguin had a variety of parties, some of which appeared on an annual basis. These parties included; Operation Black Out, Underwater Expedition, The Fair, The Puffle Party, etc. Despite having already experienced many of these parties before, it is still enjoyable to relive them, and gives people who weren’t online during the days of Club Penguin to enjoy these great parties after its closure.

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Now it’s time for you to have your say!

Do you prefer original Club Penguin parties or custom CPPS parties? Why?

Would you like to see more custom parties on CPO in the future?


Please let us know your thoughts by commenting below!


~Cosmo, Discussion Division



Yep, definitely the sky. ~Cosmic Knight.


  1. I don’t have a clear preference, i love the idea of mixing original parties with custom ones, that would be neat.

  2. I prefer the original CP parties because they make me nostalgic and to me, they wouldn’t never get old.
    I do have to say though, I really love this Marvel party that CPO made because it has all the scenes from different movies and it’s awesome to see how perfect it is! I wasn’t in awe going from room to room and seeing how creative and awesome they were. Kudos to them. If they can make more parties as awesome as this, then I’d love to see them in the future!

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