Discussion: Disney vs Club Penguin Private Servers – Part One

Hey RPF!

Welcome to the first of a two-part discussion on Disney vs Club Penguin Private Servers.!

Today’s discussion will be Disney’s Club Penguin vs Club Penguin Private Servers.

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Now it’s thanks to the original Club Penguin that any Club Penguin Private Server (CPPS) exists. It is the game that ignited us all to join the RPF and Fight the Good Fight! As such, we owe a lot of gratitude to Club Penguin, as without it, the great community we are all a part of today would not exist.

However, even the original Club Penguin had it’s faults. As the game progressed, it became more and more membership oriented. To begin with, the main advantage of becoming a member was being able to buy things such as clothes, igloo decorations and all the puffles. However, the limitations on non-members was increased, with certain games preventing non-members from going past a certain level, and party rooms becoming inaccessible to non-members.

Due to Disney’s decision to move on to its new project, Club Penguin Island, Club Penguin was shut down, leaving us without the game we grew up loving. As a result a variety of Club Penguin Private Servers emerged, such as Club Penguin Rewritten, Club Penguin Universe, Vintage Penguin and Penguin Oasis, to name a few.

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These Private Servers brought the beloved Club Penguin back to life, with the added bonus of being completely membership free. However, not all Private Servers are 100% safe, and those running them cannot always be trusted. Some members of unsafe Private Servers have seen their personal details such as email addresses leaked and spread online. The RPF have gone to lengths to make sure the Private Servers we go on are safe, so do not worry about this. Also, as we saw with Club Penguin Rewritten, the staff became increasingly incompetent, meaning we all lost a game and penguins we had invested so much time and effort into leaving us with mixed feelings of frustration and sadness.


Now we want to know what you think, so here’s a few questions for you:

Did you play Disney’s Club Penguin?

What did you like about Club Penguin?

What didn’t you like about Club Penguin?

Which Club Penguin Private Servers have you played?

What do you like about the Club Penguin Private Servers?

What don’t you like about the Club Penguin Private Servers?

Which do you prefer, Club Penguin or a Club Penguin Private Server?


Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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  1. i did and the only problems we’re the e daters and the membership

  2. first

  3. i preffer club penguin cause its original its safe and has a responsible staff
    other cpps arent always safe and they have just copied it
    but they try to fix the glitches

  4. I didnt play the original CP, but I have played CPR, CPO, CPU, and Oasis.

    I like them all, I dont really know anything that I dont like about them.

    But, I do miss the original CP community.

  5. well I kinda prefer club penguin because its the original and it is safe and and it got great staff. well cpps do not put the parties on time on old cp all the parties that were confirmed came on time

  6. 1. Yes

    2. I had a main account that I had played since 2012. I never heard of CP armies at this time though!

    3. Nothing, it was just gr8!

    4. Club Penguin Rewritten (now shut down), Vintage Penguin, Club Penguin Online, Penguin Oasis, CP Regen, Tundra Penguin and Club Penguin Universe

    5. Except Club Penguin Online, they are Old Club Penguin! (2007-2010 approx). CPO is modern CP.

    6. Some stamps don’t work 🙁

    7. I prefer both, CPO/Modern Club Penguin over all other CPPS’s because CP Online gives you 352 stamps!

  7. yes i played original cp seince 2010 i like it until 2013 the parties was fun and stuff even that i never was a member i didnt liked that everything was for members “like everyone”
    cpps i played are: cprg, oldcp, vp, blizzard cp, club penguin oasis, cplite, cpr, cpo, and cpu. i like that private servers has free membership and custom events (some of them) i dont like that cpps’s sometimes getting ddosd and i prefer cpps’s because original cp was good only at 2005-2012

  8. I had played the original club penguin back in 2007 to like 2011. I loved it and it meant one important thing of my childhood. The fact is, that i missed the years where CP became pay to win, so that is something i dont know much about.
    I only played CPR, and it felt like my old club penguin experience, and that was something i liked. If club penguin hadnt existed, we wouldnt be playing on CPPS. I know if i were a child today, i would prefer a CPPS because of the free membership, but i think with everything else we owe a big deal to CP.

  9. I played Disney CP

    Disney +ives

    -Lack of unlimited coins
    -Regular newspaper updates
    -Good moderation
    -Lots of items
    -Items rotation happened fairly often
    -Lots of stamps
    -Stable with few glitches
    -Supportive of all age groups
    -No swearing
    -phases 1 & 2
    -old ninja hideout
    -Armies had variety
    -Colour puffles

    Disney CP -ives

    -disney parties (except avengers and star wars)
    -phase 3 changed how places looked
    -so many items you can’t get old ones
    -Any puffle that isn’t a colour
    -art style in phase 3 of penguins
    -Golden puffle should have stayed a myth rather than membership bait
    -They got rid of the stage because they are nazis

    CPPS’ I have played

    -CPR 9/10
    -Large community
    -Good mods
    -Phase 2
    -Strict moderation
    -Chat filter never exceeds 24h bans
    -Regular item rotation
    -Regular newspaper
    -Limited coins
    -Parties keep the game worth playing
    -Better ending than original in every way
    -Staff drama
    -Biased mods
    -Overly strict chat filter
    -Card Jitsu was messed up
    -Closed invite discord
    -Community was straight up dumb

    Oasis (3/10)
    -Customiseable name and speech bubble/text colour
    -Functional Card Jitsu
    -Walk on anything
    -Load times are terribad
    -No parties
    -Unlimited everything
    -Best friends and marriage
    -Instantly boring

    Tundra Penguin (7/10)
    -Cool community
    -Limited coins/items etc rotation
    -Parties etc
    -Mods are cool
    -Small community

    CPUniverse (8/10)
    -basically everything CPR had except PSA fewer stamps and unrestricted bad penguin names (but that’ll be fixed soon prob)
    -More (noticeable) original content
    -Everything except all related to bad staff and bad community and the discord is googleable.

    CPO i dont even remember lol

    Virtual Penguin (0/10)

    I miss CP for the nostalgia and my old account but beyond that I want basically CPR but without the staff drama dumb community and glitches def want it to be phase 2 and make sure they keep the damn discord open

  10. 1.I played the original CP when it was first in its beta and when AS3 came out, I decided to leave.

    2.Things I loved about the original CP, one, the community, two, the parties and three, the variety

    3.The thing I didn’t like was when they used the game to advertise there other products like the frozen party etc.

    4. I didn’t know about CPPS until I saw CPR, so pretty much I have played:
    Club Penguin Rewritten
    Penguin Oasis
    Club Penguin Online
    Club Penguin Universe.

    5.I like the fact that they brought back a game and which you don’t need membership and you can experience each and every item and every game.

    6.Some CPPS aren’t safe which can be scary and could be the reasons CPPS aren’t good

    7.I would personally choose Club Penguin (AS2) as it was a basic game but had loads to it, for eg: stamps, mascots. The AS2 engine made the game a retro like game which made it a very simple but great game! I’m sure it had created many lives and the AS3 mostly ruined the concept of the game with all the ads and more.

  11. i love everything about the og cp except that you had to buy memberships (they got too expensive)

  12. Yes, I have played CP when it was just started. Maybe I must be in top 30 or 40 registered but I am not talking about when it was not free I am talking about when it was free. From that point to it shut down I have seen CP evolving and from that point I have too evolved but when it was under Disney I didn’t enjoyed that much. But it’s doesn’t mean it was worst still it was awesome. There is no comparison of CP against any cpps because original will always be original. But when it was closed. I was literally crying because I have good and bad memories with CP. See if I leave the membership thing I dam sure you all will say that CP is greater than any cpps. I have also played CP rewritten which was awesome too but it was closed in no time. I have also played CPO but it has both old and new client which felt like they totally copied the CP old and new client which also killed the fun that I enjoyed in CP bcause it just destroyed the fun of earning stamp. CPU is also good but it is totally copied the CP and not even safe. The cpps I I like most is suppercpps because they are totally different from other cpps and even CP. They had created there own stamp, party, and room. The only problem is it is in Spanish and the English one is full of bugs. But if they remove this problem they are invincible and I am dam sure that they will get more user then CP and other cpps.

  13. 1. Yes, I played it 2009-2014.
    2. That it was safe. I didn’t have to worry about being hacked as much.
    3. Paid membership and that after your membership expired you couldn’t use some of your items.
    4. I’ve played Club Penguin Rewritten, Club Penguin Universe, Club Penguin Online, Penguin Oasis, Free Penguin, CPPS.me, RubyCP, Vintage Penguin and Club Penguin Regen.
    5. That I get to replay my favorite parts of Club Penguin.
    6. That some of them have infinite amount of coins and no parties.
    7. I prefer Club Penguin over CPPS’s like Penguin Oasis and Free Penguin but Rewritten and Universe over CP.

  14. Alienhunter [Ariel]

    1) I played it from 2010-2013 maybe very early 2014
    2) Staff was a lot better with putting things out, obviously. They’d announce a party for one day and from where I live it was always a day earlier
    3) Sometimes the Disney Takeover was a little too ridiculous, but the star wars and marvel parties I did like
    4) I’ve played a lot. Cpps.me, freepenguin.xyz, CPR, CPO, CPRegen, Penguin Oasis
    5) The nostalgia. I also like how CPO has both the new and old so you can get the best from both of them. And Penguin Oasis is more lax with rules which i like since a lot of people on CPPs’s are older now
    6) CPR was absolutely terrible with releasing things. It’d be a day late or hours late most of the time.
    7) Club Penguin or CPOnline

  15. Did you play Disney’s Club Penguin? Yes.

    What did you like about Club Penguin? Pretty much everything.

    What didn’t you like about Club Penguin? The non member limitations.

    Which Club Penguin Private Servers have you played? Well, Cpr, and another site I think called cpps.me…? I haven’t played Cpu since my laptop is broken.

    What do you like about the Club Penguin Private Servers? Well, cpr was great at capturing the essence of the old cp, even writing their own club penguin times.

    What don’t you like about the Club Penguin Private Servers? Well on cpps.me, there were no filters so there were a ton of people running around cussing and online dating.

    Which do you prefer, Club Penguin or a Club Penguin Private Server? Club Penguin. It was just better in the old times, when membership didn’t matter.

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