Discussion Division: Rockhopper Arrivals

Hello RPF, and welcome to the newest edition of the Tuesday Discussion! This week, we’ll be discussing one of the most beloved characters to come to the Club Penguin Island: Rockhopper! So strap on your eyepatches, swab the poopdeck, and click that read more button to continue reading!

Rockhopper is one of the earliest mascots in Club Penguin, with his first appearance being in March 2005. He is no doubt a large amount’s favorite, for both his boisterous personality and his form of arrival, the Migrator. Every time Rockhopper arrives, his boat anchors off the coast of the island by the lighthouse, opening it’s doors to all curious penguins.

If you venture further into the ship, you come to a room that houses Rockhopper’s Rare Items, a collection of things he has found during his journeys. Often, the items found here are, as the name implies, quite rare, and are only available for a short time while he remains on the island. When he departs, so do his pirate-themed wares, and you must wait until his next visit to get something from his shop.

While Rockhopper is on the island, he of course visits with all the penguins he can and introduces himself to those he hasn’t met. He may come online many time while the Migrator is anchored, but once he raises anchor he’s off on his next adventure.

You of course probably knew quite a lot about the infamous Rockhopper, but now even if you didn’t you should be well informed. So, now we will introduce this week’s questions…

Do you enjoy when Rockhopper visits?

What do you enjoy most about his visits
(Items, Mascot, etc)?

Why do you enjoy it over the other perks?

As always, take some time thinking about these questions, and don’t forget to put your answer in the comment below!




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  1. 1. Yes

    2. Items

    3. Because the items are rare so for a while not many people would have them. Plus I just love items in CP. 😛

  2. I love Rockhopper, best mascot ever for me cause it was the first one i encountered back in 2006. So yeah, thats why he is the best for me.

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