Holiday Homely Habits!

Welcome back to another Discussion Division RPF! We would like to start by wishing you a delightful December, and a Happy Holiday season! The Discussion Division is heading into this season with of course many wonderful questions for you to answer, and we hope you enjoy our interesting inquiries! So put on your St. Nick caps, light your menorahs, and quit your Ramadan fasting, because we have a question for you!

We all have our annual traditions, whether it’s sitting down with our families for a nice meal or waking up to run downstairs and get your presents. We all love celebrating our holidays in our own unique way, no matter which ones we celebrate, and these traditions hold a place in all our hearts as we perform them annually. So, Discussion Division wants to know what great things you like to do as your traditions during this great season, whether it’s decorating your home or saying a prayer and enjoying time with family. Take your time answering this question, go through all the great things you love to do and have fun remembering the great times you’ve had during the Holiday season!

This Week’s Question: What is your favorite thing to do during the holidays?

  Wishing You a Happy Holiday

-Discussion Division




    • Christmas Pack Guy

      In denmark we havet precisely the same Christmas tradition as USA apart from that we get our present at the 24 evening not the morning of the 25 🙂

  1. Sleep
    Watch movies
    Thank you 😀

  2. I like lighting the Menorah, and saying the prayers. Also it’s heartwarming to sit down with the family for a Christmas dinner C:

  3. Open presents, eat then sleep.

  4. I like play, sleep and sleep

  5. I plan to RPF during the holidays and i am making an educated guess that that will be my favorite thing to do.

  6. I like the good food and finding an excuse to tell go how gratefull i am for everything he had given me

  7. I like to play and eat and I hate to sleep

  8. Stuff myself with junk food lol

  9. I like watching Christmas movies with my family, Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day breakfast with my family, also opening presents and watching others open my gifts to them.

  10. I like watching Christmas movies with my family, Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day breakfast with my family, also opening presents and watching others open my gifts to them..

  11. My family watches Christmas movies on Christmas Eve, our favorites being Elf, Santa Clause series, and the three Barbie Christmas movies, and eat a Christmas Eve dinner and in the morning open all our presents and eat a Christmas breakfast.

  12. I’m usually working all throug the holidays. I work at a movie theater so we never close. But when I am home, I enjoy spending time with my family, drinking egg nog or hot chocolate, making gingerbread houses and watching Christmas movies.

  13. My favorite part of the holidays is spending time with my family. We do a Secret Santa, and make all our favorite foods! It’s really great!

  14. For christmas, I decorate a tree.

  15. Christmas films
    eat chocolate
    meet up with friends
    go sledding
    thanks 🙂

  16. Make love and laugh with people. Hear jokes from my family and other people I know in real life. It’s so amazing! 😀

    Merry christmas!

  17. so many cookies made 🙂

  18. I either go to my family’s house or they come here and we open presents together.We are also the type of family to wake up in the morning and open presents 😀

  19. On Christmas we have a family lunch and swap presents. My house also puts up a Christmas tree and we leave the presents underneath until Boxing Day.

  20. Sleep, eat food (desserts and Christmas dinner), watch Christmas movies, listen to Christmas music, watch Basketball on Christmas Day, and play games (board and video).

  21. For my family, we dont celebrate Christmas but we spend timeand eat together. For me its RPF, play, eat and sleep 🙂

  22. Spend time with my family (even though i don’t really like it that much)
    watch YT, watch Cartoons, Watch Anime, play games, doing a 2nd play trough in games i already finished etc.

  23. Just chill
    Read books
    Go on CPR
    Spend time with my family
    Google Santa Tracker

  24. family time
    give gifts
    decorate the house
    being lazy

  25. Thenightma3e aka penguin13681
    Thenightma3e aka penguin13681

    Study like crazy, coz I have endless exams during all my holidays ;-;
    And the other thing that I love to do is ‘sleep the good sleep’


  27. Opening my presents, decorating the house, watching the simpsons and playing mario and sonic winter games

  28. On Christmas my family watches the Christmas story and then we have christmas breakfast which usually includes waffles and bacon.Then we open presents and stockings afterwards we take a nap and then eat dinner in which we have ham and sweet potatos.

  29. sadly, do homework

  30. Usually on Christmas day, my family all go downstairs for presents at once. After opening thy presents, we eat breakfast and get ready for Church. AFTER Church me and my fam go to our grandmom’s house.
    And that’s it. Also, elf on the shelf.

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