Discussion Division: What Do YOU Want To See?

Hello RPF, and welcome back to another weekly discussion from the Discussion Division! This week, we’re doing something different, something new, something I don’t think any of you have seen before! Of course, we say this a lot, but don’t let the repetition fool you because this time our question really is different! So click read more, to see exactly what it is!

Our questions usually have to do with RPF, CPPSes, or something related to them. This time, however, we’re asking you what you want to see from Discussion Division. Now, the questions will be a bit more in depth, but this is a way to see what we can improve on and get some inspiration from the troops who we spend so much time coming up with questions for.

Now, this is a new opportunity for Discussion Division. RPF often holds polls to improve itself, but not often is Discussion Division mentioned in the criticisms of RPF. This is not an opportunity to insult our writing, although constructive criticism is always welcome. Now, without further ado, this week’s questions are…

What is the Discussion Division Doing Well?

What Could We Improve On?

If You Could Suggest Some Questions, What Would They Be?

As per usual, take some time to come up with your answers, and don’t forget to comment them in the comments section below!




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  1. A whole new discussion side division dedicated to jazz and poor memes and which ones are best

  2. I guesss it’s good..


    My Suggestion… Talks about CPU Armies events..

  3. So… there are barely no ausia events. i live in india and i can’t go up the ranks because i can’t attend the EU US events cause it is like 1:30 am when its EU and 4:00 am when its US. i only can attend 2 events per week and that is very boring. not to mention that i am not the only one that has that timezone. i think we should increase the ausia event rate. there are 14 events weekly, 6 are US and 6 are EU but only 2 AUSIA. lately the ausia events got HUGE numbers of ppl (30-50 ppl). so i think we should get atleast 4-5 ausia events weekly. hope you agree with me and this idea gets through.

    • There are three events for each timezone however due to summer being just around the corner this will most likely increase to one event for each division daily.

  4. I feel like the US division should be changed to NA because people in North America but aren’t from the US have to use the US division, we also should have an SA division for people in South America.
    I would also like to see more branches, like we could have an Army and a Marine Corps branch as well as our two current branches.

  5. I agree mostly with arceusreborn and orange37408, i think we need more ausia events and SA. The rest is OK.

  6. The discussion division is great at being open and inclusive to lower ranked members.
    I agree we need more Ausia events and owners with Ausia.
    I feel we need to add more new Blue Ranks (ex: Lance Corporal, Staff Sergeant, Private Second Class) Because i feel it is too easy to get mod, we need about 3 ranks to make mods and 2nd Lt. Colonel more dedicated and trained for mod life.

  7. we should discuss sharks

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