What is your favorite Club Penguin Rewritten Party of the Year?

Club Penguin Rewritten has hosted a whole range of great parties this year. Which ones have been your favorite and why?

Here’s a list of all the parties CPR have hosted this year:

The Beta Test Party

This was the first ever party of CPR. The aim of the Beta Test Party was to try and figure out all bugs in the game were sorted out, and you got an exclusive party hat too!

The Puffle Party

This party was all about penguins! …no wait I mean PUFFLES, DEFINITELY PUFFLES!

The Mountain Expedition

For this party, penguins had to make their way up Toughest Mountain by using wits to solve puzzles. Their hard work was rewarded with a free flag!

The St Patrick’s Party

In true Irish spirit, CPR decorated the entire island and allowed penguins to dress up as Leprechauns with Pots o’ Gold! GOLD!

The April Fool’s Party

The April’s Fool Party was certainly not to be missed, with crazy rooms all over the island and access to the box dimension!

The Medieval Party

The Medieval Party took us back in time to the days of Olde. With a Knights Quest and a battle against three dragons, there was lots of fun to be had!

The Music Jam

The Music Jam brought CPR’s biggest festival into town, with live music, new exclusive instruments and a chance to meet Cadence and The Band.

The Water Party

The Water Party started because Gary wanted to test his latest invention, The Water Compressor 3000. This meant the entire island was designed with various water features including the ability to spray a hose in every room.

The Festival of Flight

JETPACKS! GET YOUR JETPACKS HERE! During the Festival of Flight, the entire island was lifted up and every penguin encouraged to achieve the impossible: fly.

The Wilderness Expedition

The Wilderness Expedition was led by PH and encourage penguins to solve the puzzles in the Wilderness. These puzzles led to a mysterious cave, where a little brown fuzzy creature appeared to have been living.

The Fair

Despite being delayed, the Fair was great fun and brought back many beloved games. The tickets earned from games could be used to buy exclusive prizes, and there was even a Puffle Circus!

The Halloween Party

The Halloween Party had lots of spooky rooms to visit, with a few additional ones, especially for the party. The Candy Hunt required solving riddles and once completed you received the Halloween Scarf. Overall it was a spooktacular party we thoroughly enjoyed!

Operation Blackout

Herbert has taken over the island and renamed it, Club Herbert, Rewritten. He has kidnapped EPF agents and destroyed the EPF and PSA Headquarters. All EPF agents must await orders and help stop Herbert from freezing the island!

Image result for operation blackout

Now you’ve had a recap, which party was your favorite and which parties will you be looking forward to making a reappearance next year? Tell us your thoughts by commenting below!

Credit to Chip for making this post look pretty.

-Queenieliz and Tae




  1. I like the music jam.
    Major General

  2. Mine is Operation Blackout.

  3. My favorite party was operation blackout

  4. April Fools and Fair

  5. I had only played CPR for the Halloween party and Operation Blackout so….Halloween party.

    Although on CP my favorites were always Puffle party and Medieval party.

  6. operation blackout but it took so darn long it was almost annoying. They should of made it a 2 week event with 1 mission coming out every day and the rest of the time the snow build up slowly melts away.

  7. I’ve only played two of them, which is Halower and OB. So OB would have to be my favorite.


  9. My favorite personally was Festival of Flight, we had some amazing events during that time and honestly was a great event time for RPF imo.

  10. Operation Blackout was lit, I mean not lit, I mean it was my favorite.

  11. Operation: Blackout. Because Herbert owns the island and planning to tranform the island from snowy to tropical (just like my home country) until most penguins intervened.

  12. B L A C K O U T
    L U
    A O
    C K
    K C
    O A
    U L
    T U O K C A L B

  13. Blackout


  15. Mine is April Fools Party it was so fun and the igloos xd

  16. mine in cpr was the fair and in the original cp it was the beta party as i am a beta tester

  17. definitely the puffle party! i love puffles so much they’re so cute

  18. My favorite party is St Patrick day and April fool. I dont have participe on this party…My first connections is on 1 october….

  19. SkyeDVS
    The St. Patricks party. (Just because I’m Irish) FTGF!

  20. Pedrocs(RobertoCarlo)

    April fools party bc blackout was so glitchy

  21. Wilderness and Operation Black for da Winnnn

  22. I missed the first 5 and the halloween party so id have to say the music jam

  23. I like them both


  25. Returning after a long time I had only played Blackout and Halloween party. So. . .
    Operation Blackout

  26. April Fool and Puffle Party

  27. Operation Blackout, since I remember it as one of the only parties I fully attended and completed as a kid.

  28. Music Jam is and always will be one of my favourite yearly parties on Club Penguin, let alone CPR. I already can’t wait for next year’s.

  29. Definitely the Medieval Party

  30. I’ve only been on CPR for op blackout, haha! My favourite CP event of all time was always when Rockhopper came. Op blackout was nice, but the music was a tad obnoxious.

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