Discussion Division: Writing!?!

Hello again RPF, and welcome back to yet another Discussion Division. Now, if you’ve seen the title, you may be thinking,”Huh? What does this mean?” and I can’t blame you, because this week we’re doing something special, something different, something never before seen coming from the Discussion Division! Want to see more? Click Read More to find out!
Now I know what you are already thinking. What’s this all about? Well, very recently we remembered an old post in RPF that was quite a fun one. It inspired creativity, created tons of fun, and all around was just a great thing! You may not know what I’m talking about, so I’ll just tell you. I am proud to introduce, the Discussion Division’s first writing prompt!

Now, this may not mean much, but this is a big moment. We’ve never done this before, and it’s almost like an experiment! It’ll be interesting to see how all of you amazing writers continue this week’s prompt, and I really hope you enjoy the story you create with what you write. Now, enough talking, it’s about time we got on to the actual prompt!

The morning was fresh as Will woke from his slumber. He sat up in his bed, yawning as he rubbed his eyes, and glanced at his calander. His head buzzed with excitement as he realised that today was the day! He was finally going to…

Now, I’m really excited to see what you guys come up with. This has only been done once before, so make this one count extra and it might happen again! Don’t forget to comment in the comments section below!




Rat a tat scat, I'm a kit cat!


  1. Seems interesting! I’ll do it!

  2. …get out of his bed for once in his life.

  3. Walk for the first time in decades

  4. He was finally going to become a power ranger

  5. He was finally going to leave reality and transfer his body into a simulations that resembled club penguin .

  6. join the Spanish inquisition. Nobody expected him to of course, but that wouldn’t stop our Will. He wondered down the street and on to the boats. They sailed for days and days and days to get to England. However, when they did arrive it turned out everybody expected the Spanish inquisition as they were required by law to tell people. This, of course, did not go well for out will whose ship was destroyed and he was cast out to sea. When suddenly he came across a woman on a door. Her name was Rose. Will asked if he could get on too as there was clearly space, but Rose said no and pushed him into the water. Will then drifted for days in the sea when he arrived on an island inhabited only by jazz loving bees. Hm, neat he thought to himself. Will later became a slave to the bees who forced him to harvest pollen from flowers instead of them.

  7. buy a lightsaber but what he din’t know was he was buying a real lightsaber and was recruited to be a jedi

  8. He was finally going to join the army. The year was 1944, and it was cold and wet. He wanted to fight for his country, and his liberty. Whether he will perish in battle, sacrificing his life or stay home and provide weapons, he wanted to show his support.
    A few months passed, and Will had joined the American 1st Infantry Division. He made some good friends during his training, one of which was named Eric. The two bonded and shared a close connection.
    But one memorable day crossed by that Will would never forget.
    June 6th 1944.
    Operation Overlord/Neptune.
    More commonly known.
    As D-Day.

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