Discussion: Farewell

Hello RPF!

It comes with a heavy heart, but we have decided to discontinue the Discussion Division of Rebel News Media. There are many reasons for this closure, nevertheless we wanted to thank all of those who have read and commented on our discussion posts. We have each written and individual message to let you know how much your readership has meant to us.


Today is truly a sorrowful day as we see Discussion close. I am filled with gratitude for everything. Gratitude towards the readers who consistently supported our posts. Gratitude towards everyone who I have gotten to work with on this incredible team. Gratitude for Liz, who supervised the team. Finally, gratitude for all that I’ve learned will on this team. I am sad as this division of Rebel News Media closes down, but also ever so grateful for the experience. Thank you.

– Daniellem


Today is one of the saddest days of my RPF career so far. Me and Liz helped found and grow these discussion posts you’ve read almost every week, expanding on 3 posts per week. People came, people went, but discussion stayed the same, a staple of the RPF’s RNM productions. It is upsetting to let it go, but to build something new, you must tear down the old. I thank all of you who tuned in weekly, answered in the comments, and were an active part of our discussions. I salute you all, and fight the good fight.



As Geoffrey Chaucer once said, ‘all good things must come to an end’, and unfortunately that day has come for the Discussion Division. I was first approached to join from RPF Cat, alongside Reyder, and this began our time in Discussion. I left Discussion briefly to join Competitions, but found myself missing the opportunity of writing my own weekly posts. After returning I was fortunate enough to receive the role of Supervisor, which I will forever be grateful for. Danielle and Reyder have been wonderful people to work with and have been so dedicated to Discussion throughout their time. I will forever cherish the time I had in Discussion, and I want to thank every person who read and commented on these posts we put so much time and effort into. It really means a lot. Thank you so much RPF! Fight the Good Fight!



Farewell RPF!

The Discussion Division



Discussion Writer, Cat Fanatic, and IRL Queen.


  1. Farewell

  2. Princeofmom {Cosmo}
    Princeofmom {Cosmo}

    it was a great journey
    gonna miss it.

  3. it shall be missed

  4. Yeah i have seen this day would come soon, its a shame. Will be missed.

  5. awww it will be missed

  6. this team was amazing sad to see it go ftgf

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