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Welcome to the first of your weekly Saturday discussion posts!

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For the first discussion I thought we would talk about one of our favourite things, Mascots!

As most of you know, there are many Mascots on Club Penguin Rewritten and getting the chance to meet these (thanks to RPF’s awesome Mascot Tracker) gives us a stamp and an exclusive background.

Recently CPR added Rory to the list of famous penguins that we could meet, as he was previously on Club Penguin. Unfortunately he hasn’t attended as of yet, but he is rumoured to be online during an upcoming party.

The big question is… which party will he be attending?

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Now here’s some questions for you:

Which party do you think Rory should attend and why?

What other mascots would you like to see CPR add and why?

Write your answers in the comments below!


Fight the Good Fight!

– Queenieliz



Discussion Writer, Cat Fanatic, and IRL Queen.


  1. Wow great name :))

  2. rorys dead hes never coming

  3. maybe an event solely dedicated to the epf reconstruction or something like that

  4. Maybe the March party? It says Snow being stored for MARCH fun… hmm..

  5. I don’t really know which event he should attend, but i do know that Rory is just an excuse for all of us fighting for the same cause. In a way, we are all Rory, because he is inside of everyone’s hearts.

  6. Maybe if the EPF building is finished or maybe at the annyvesary(?), but i dont think he would come at the Penguin play awards tho.Its just weird that he didnt show up at the maue party

  7. Rory has the perfect uniform for the EPF construction. It would be cool if he came.

    I think YouTuber Drivr3joe should be added as a mascot, because he only visits Club Penguin Rewritten when he streams

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