Discussion: Medieval Parties Through The Ages

Hello RPF, and welcome back to another weekly edition of Discussion! Today we’ll be looking into Club Penguin Online‘s current party, the Medieval Party! But, we’re not just focusing on the current party, we’re going to flip through some memories of past Medieval Parties on Club Penguin! So saddle your horses, cast your spells, and get ready to take a trip down memory lane!


The first ever Medieval Party hosted on Club Penguin began on the 16th of May 2008, and with it a new Medieval island was introduced! The whole island was transformed into a Medieval setting with orange, green, and purple abound, and with the new catalog introducing a variety of new costumes for Knights and Princesses. The original colour scheme of the Medieval Party was orangegreen, and purple as shown by the flags around the island (and in the catalog). The party also came with two free items, the Wizard Hat and the Squires outfit which were both available for non-members.


The following year, in May 2009, the Medieval Party had grown, featuring the first ever Knight’s Quest. This quest meant solving two puzzle rooms followed by a large maze that led to a trophy room. From completing this Quest, you could earn the Golden Knight costume, with the Wizard Hat reappearing as a free item. Despite being very similar to the previous year, the 2009 Medieval Party was one of the biggest parties ever, with almost every room being decorated in some way.

File:Medieval Party 2009 Underground Pool.png


The May 2011 Medieval Party brought with it some changes. After the introduction of the second Knight’s Quest in 2010 which included puzzle rooms and battling one dragon, the third and final  Knight’s Quest arrived in 2011, featuring more puzzle rooms followed by a battle against three dragons. Completing the third Knight’s Quest series earnt you the White Knight costume. The 2011 Party also introduced the new colour scheme, which changed to red, yellow, and blue! As stamps had not been created until after the Medieval Party in 2010, the 2011 Party introduced the Noble Knight stamp for wearing the knight costume during the party.

File:Medieval Party 2011 Ye Knight's Quest 3 hydra room.png


The last Medieval Party to be released, and the one Club Penguin Online currently has on the island, was the Medieval Party of September 2013. This party admittedly had less free items than the earlier parties, and was missing the classic Knight’s Quest series, but it introduced something new! The story behind this party is that Gary came into possession of a magical book, and released it to the island. This book of magic allows penguins to create spells to transform themselves into Unicorn Puffles, Fairies, Giants, and other fun things. It also introduced a modernistic take on the classical items of the Medieval Party, creating Elven princesses, archer outfits, beggar outfits, and more!

File:Medieval Party 2013 Mine Shack.png


Now that we all know a little about the progression and history of the Medieval Party, I think it’s time to introduce this week’s questions…

What was the first Medieval Party you went to?

Which is your favorite Medieval Party and why?

What things would you like to see in CPO’s next Medieval Party?


As always, take some time thinking about your answers, and don’t forget to post your answer in the comments below!

~Reyder, Discussion Division



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  1. wow thats SUPER COOL

  2. FAVE PARTY I love the dragon suits

  3. I love the medival parties it is a very interactive and unique party out of all of the parties Cpo has to offer.

  4. Through out all my 7 years during original cp i never actually got to attend one, which was a shame as i love the idea of them and thought it would be a really fun party. Glad i’ve got to experience them now.

  5. 1. The first one I went to was 2010

    2. The 2011 party because it I thought it was more fun and I liked the free items.

    3. The quests

  6. I haven’t attended this kind of party, so it was my first time and actually it was fun ^^/

  7. i think the first one that i ever went to was the 2010 medieval party, i kinda like that one better than the recent one as it had quests where u battle a dragon , there were many free items and it was overall a lot more fun , but the medieval party in cpo wasn’t bad as the rooms actually looked amazing and the potion making idea is good too … i just wish there was a quest to battle a dragon

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