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Welcome back to your weekly Tuesday edition of Discussion! This week, because of Club Penguin Online recently updating its catalog to include medieval items, I think a medieval theme would be quite appropriate, and more specifically, the stories about it. So don your armour, pay tribute to the king, and click read more to continue!

From evil witches to knights in shining armour, medieval tales and are often a happy topic. Whether you learned of them as a child listening to the stories, or are just being introduced to them today, I’m sure that by the end of today’s discussion we will all get a good idea of what these stories are about.

Medieval tales or fairy tales are tales that everyone knows. They have been around for centuries and often run with a theme of good and evil. They were the original moral guides, teaching that evil will lose and good will prevail no matter what. There are a huge number of fairy tales, however some may have minor details change in different books. This is because fairy tales were originally not written down, they were stories told from person to person, as many of the people who told them did not know how to write. As these stories were passed down by speech, like in Chinese whispers, small details have changed over the years leaving us with a variety of different versions of the same tales.

There are many types of fairy tales, one of the classics you may encounter is the damsel in distress story. Some of you may know it as Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, or even Cinderella. The theme, if you know these stories, will be quite obvious, and even if you don’t the premise is in the name. In all of these, a representation of evil, whether it’s a stepmother or a witch, endangers or captures a princess, only to be foiled by a representation of good, most commonly a dashing prince.

Another common form of fairy tales is what is called the unpromising hero story. These stories fixate on a brave person who is somewhat of an underdog taking on an intimidating force, and successfully take their foe down. Some common stories that you may know of that fall under this category are Little Red Riding HoodJack and the Beanstalk, and The Ugly Ducking, in which the ugly duckling overcomes his unpleasant friends and their cruel treatment of him, and becomes a beautiful swan. These stories can appear in many different stories, and although the challenge may not be a someone, there can still be something that creates a challenge for them to overcome.

Of course, there are many forms of these tales, and if you prefer them then please, let me know. Speaking of letting me know, I believe now is a good time for this week’s questions…

What is your favourite fairy tale, and why?

What type of fairy tale do you prefer?

Why do you think fairy tales occasionally have similar plots?

As always, take some time in responding, and don’t forget to post your answers in the comments below.




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  1. I can’t decide

  2. I think probably Little Red Riding Hood is the most famous one, i dont know why but its the one i most heard through time.

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