Discussion: Patriotism

A patriot is one who passionately stands with a country, organization, or group. The RPF is quite a big group, and many will argue that it has patriots! That is what the Rebel News Media Discussion team wants to talk about today – click continue reading for more!

How can we, as RPF members, show our pride for the army that we have grown to love?

There are a few ways! For one, you can attend events! Events on Club Penguin Private Servers occur multiple times a week, and you can show up and participate to have fun and to support what RPF does!

Additionally, you can show support for RPF by being active in the Discord server! Many of the RPF members talk there, and you can support them and get to know them by talking about a variety of things- topics range from Club Penguin to school to whatever is on anyone’s mind! You can make a lot of friends in there, and I guarantee you will not regret it.

Additionally, help lift RPF up by being a fantastic example. Be kind and helpful. Welcome new troops when they come, and recruit more so that RPF can grow! Follow the rules and others will too, leading RPF to be organized and a safe space that people will feel comfortable being in.

Of course, there are many ways to show your support for RPF, so the Discussion team is curious as to what you think.

Do you think patriotism exists in RPF?

How can RPF members show their support for RPF?

-Danielle, Discussion Division of Rebel News Media



  1. They can make art for a competition every 2-3 months. And they can hold Meetups with members on whatever CPPS we pick in between events for games and stamp hunting

  2. Patriotism does exist in RPF because we support each other and are proud of who we are.
    Some ways we can show support are attending events, helping people in #helpdesk, being a great role model, and many other ways!!

  3. I think we have some sort of patriotism, its like the love for your country, we all do that stuff.

  4. ayy i made an account 🙂

  5. I think patriotism do exist because if it does not exist then the RPF would have been fallen long time ago. We can show our patriotism by attending events, being active in discord and help others not only in discord but also in any cpps we go so we can promote our organization in any cops we go.

  6. we attend events
    and when theres a stupid enemy we make fun of them even if we are alone 😛 jk

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