Discussion Post: What’s Your Favorite Game Of All Time?

Hello RPF, and welcome back to another weekly edition of Discussion Division! Last time here we attempted something a little bit different, doing a writing prompt instead of our normal questions, and the results were very interesting. However this week, we’re going back to our roots with some more questions, so read more to find out!

Now RPF is, in essence, a gaming community. We play Club Penguin Servers the most obviously, thus the penguin in our name, but we play whatever they please outside of our events. We even have special events dedicated to other games on occasion, known as game nights, where we play kahoot, agario, and other fun online games!

It’s clear that we don’t confine ourselves to just a few games though, as the gaming community as a whole is so much larger than just us. There are plenty of games that RPF don’t play together, but the members do individually, whether because it’s singleplayer, for the experience, or another reason. We all play other video games, and we all have fun doing so, alone or together. Which brings me to our questions for today…

What Is Your Favorite Videogame?

Who Is Your Favorite Character From The Videogame?

Why Is It Your Favorite Videogame?

This question should be a lighter one in comparison to some of our last few, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it! Put thought into it, and leave your answer in the Comments section below!




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  1. probably the og megamans and pokemon

  2. yeet tos is pretty good!
    Uh clementine from the walking dead I guess.
    And uh Its my favorite game because I suck at all other games.

  3. Well my favourite videogame is the GTA series, probably Vice City and San Andreas.
    My favorite character though is black sonic or metal sonic, i dont know why but as a child i was obsessed with these guys.
    The why factor is very hard for me to find it, although i think the possibility of doing whatever you please in GTA almost as if it were an open world was the best for me.

  4. Wxbp
    My favorite video game is paladins
    Vivan is my favorite character for the game
    Its free, fun and fast game play

  5. What: Team Fortress 2
    Favorite Character: Heavy
    Why TF2: It’s gameplay is unbeatable, it’s community is amazing, it’s economy (which was made by and for the community) is self sustaining and can transfer digital items to real money. It is not without it’s flaws, no game is, but the positives far outway the negatives.

  6. 1. Uhhhhh I have so many favorite video games oops. But my favorite is probably Kingdom Hearts II. Though Final Fantasy X is a really close second.

    2. Uh, um, tie between Sora and Kairi.

    3. Story. Gameplay. Characters. Music. Everything.

  7. I have a few:
    Battlefield 1
    Pokemon (the series)
    Just Cause 3
    Some others i forgot probably
    RPF 1St Lieutenant
    Also CoD (MW Series and CoD 2.)

  8. The Real Slim Shady

    I kind of like old games better- Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! is fun.

  9. Town of Salem – I like mind games like that. I also like that no game is the same. Anything could happen.

  10. 1. My favorite video game is probably Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
    2. My favorite character is Urbosa
    3. The reason why botw is my favorite game is that I actually spend time on the side quests and story mode to get 100% at the end of the game.

  11. alexander hamilton is my dad

    my favorite game is fire emblem awakening
    it was my first tactical game and i’ve played every game in the series after playing it
    11/10 GG
    would play again

    JK it’s KNACK 2 baby

  12. My favourite video game is a difficult one, but it would be between The Sims and Animal Crossing.
    The Sims because I’ve played every single generation (1 to 4) on multiple different softwares (PC, Nintendo, PS2, etc) and it’s just a very engrossing game where hours can pass and you don’t even realise. The later games really allowed you to create your own world, own characters, give them jobs, careers, travel to different places and even travel to the future.
    Animal Crossing is another simulation game, but in a different way. You have a little town and you have to make it pretty and have little animals as villagers, and it’s a Japanese game so everything is just very cute and adorable and there’s special items you can retrieve for doing completing certain tasks and as a game it has actually taught me a lot. From the age of 7 I knew what a mortgage was because you have one in the game, there’s several different types of bugs and fish you can catch at certain times in the year, all based on real life creatures that some people never come across or learn the names of. It is also very engrossing and gives you the option to meet up and play mini games with friends who also have the game, whether they live near or far. Safe to say I love this game so much I merely got a Nintendo 3DS with the sole purpose of playing this game.
    I don’t think I really have a favourite video game character as I can’t really narrow it down to just one, but if I had to it would probably be Princess Peach.

  13. What: Europa Universalis 4
    Who: Baguette, Kebab, or Austria
    Why: Big strategy game with lots of detail (but not a good DLC policy)

  14. My favourite game has to be Tom Clancys Rainbow Six: Siege, it is a tactical First Person Shooter where you get deployed into a war situation were you are fighting 5v5 and your character has a certain “gadget” to deploy helping out the team. I just love the tactical essence of the game and because of all the different operators every game is different.

  15. Pokemon and Overwatch…

  16. My favorite video games would make a long list, but I’d pick “GTA” and “Life is Strange” among the others.
    My favorite characters from GTA series are Franklin and CJ (I miss him!). And I LOVE Chloe from LisS.
    Basically I play video games because they make me forget about the reality for a while… I get lost in the stories and each character’s path. So you know, those games are doing the job more often!

  17. Persona series
    Makoto Yuki
    because i have Persona was the first game to introduce me to JRPG games which are now one of my favorite kinds of games

  18. My favourite is watchdogs 1 because it is so fun to be able to just blow up stuff with ur phone

  19. Skribbl.io (computer party game)
    Club Penguin (defunct)
    Rayman Legends (PS4)
    Tearaway Unfolded (PS4)
    Hide Online (Y8.com party game)

    Skribbl.io has custom avatars so no fave character
    Hide Online has custom avatars so no fave character

    Skribbl.io: Its a draw and guess game and has some scribblenaut vibes.
    Club Penguin: You know what I’m gonna say so no need to say so.
    Rayman Legends: It has great animation, gameplay, and nice story.
    Tearaway: It lets the player interact with the game, nice papercraft animation, make things out of paper and its also made by the peeps from Little Big Planet.
    Hide Online: Its kinda like hide n seek but the hiders are actual things and they must blend in while seekers (hunters) should look for the hiders.

  20. I’ve played aaaalot of games, but my most favourite one must be League of Legends without a doupt.

    My favourite character of the game? Hm. I must pick Annie, as she has such a strong and sad backstory, that i just couldn’t think of a better one!

    Now why is League of Legends my favourite game. I really don’t know! I love the style of the game, i love the characters and i love playing it! But the community is the one that makes the game horrible! Other than that, the game is so good!
    That’s all from me.

  21. What is your favorite video game?

    I possess a variety of titles, so picking a favorite video game as quite hard especially considering each video game brought a different experience. I can, however, state that the Super Smash Bros. series is my favorite gaming franchise.

    Who is your favorite character from the video game?

    From this franchise of games, I would still say that it’s hard to pick a favorite (it’s hard to pick favorites in general). However, if you ask me the main characters I use for online battles, I would have to say Zelda or Sonic. Although that may be the case, I tend to use most, if not all of the characters during battles to strengthen my abilities for each character.

    Why is it your favorite video game?

    Ah, now that’s an easy question. Super Smash Bros. easily comes in first place because of how unique it is from other gaming franchises. It’s great to have a large roster of characters coming from different franchises into these crossover titles. When one looks back into the past, feelings of sentimentality and nostalgia may evoke.

  22. Mario kart on the Nintendo switch. I could play it for HOURS, its definitely worth the $60 and Toadette is my favorite character.

  23. My favorite game would be ROBLOX
    Since roblox has a large community that creates their own games, I would probably choose Theos from the Arcane Adventures game on there.
    This is my favorite video game because you have the option to make your own game that others can enjoy. I also consider this an art of sorts depending on if the people making games decide adding a story to their game or if they physically create objects / items in it.

  24. Easy, The Witcher 3, Wild Hunt. However, wouldnt recommend for young audience.

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