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Before CPR’s announcement of closing, which you can read about here, they planned to have a puffle party. Puffles are the adorable creatures that can be adopted in Club Penguin, and there are many different colors of them, all with their own personality! Today in the RNM Discussion Team, we’ll be talking about these lovable creatures!

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The first puffle introduced to Club Penguin was the blue puffle, in 2005! The blue puffle is known for its loyalty and trustworthiness. Beach balls and pretzels make it happy, but most importantly, its friendship with you does! If you want a pet that’ll stay by your side, this would be the one to get!

The red puffles were discovered on Rockhopper Island by Rockhopper, and are famous for their hunger for adventure and their spirit! It’ll act as a bowling ball or shoot itself out of a cannon all within the safety of an igloo. Always looking for a bit of fun, you can take this puffle with you to play Catchin’ Waves!

Never without a smile, the cheerful pink puffle is as sporty as can be! You can find them skipping rope or jumping on a trampoline, never without a smile on its cheerful face. Take it with you to the Aqua Grabber, where it can snorkel with you.

Hiding in the shadows often, the black puffle is often lonely. Get to know them, however, and they have a wild and fun side! They burst into flames when they are happy and strong. It loves to skateboard and will play Cart Surfer with you! It may take a little while, but they can be a great companion when cared for and loved.

A ball of goof or a ball of fluff? The green puffle is both, with its energy levels high and its silly personality never failing to show. They ride unicycles and fly in a propeller hat, and if you keep an eye open, you can spot one bouncing up and down on a speaker in the night club! They’ll never fail to excite you, and will even soar in the sky with you in Jet Pack Adventure!

Will you have this dance? The purple puffle would, as it loves to dance and will often be found at the night club, playing Dance Off with you! It loves bubbles and dancing under a disco ball, even in an igloo! Its passion for dancing and its diva personality make it a good pet for someone like Cadence, who has a purple puffle named Lolz.

The multitalented artists known as the yellow puffles look at the world through bright eyes, always looking for an opportunity to create. Whether it is with a director’s chair or a paintbrush, they love to make art with whatever they do. They’ll follow you to the dance club to help you create a song in DJ3K, and there is a famous puffle known as the Keeper of the Stage, that hangs out at the stage in the plaza!

Shy, quiet, and blending into the snowy terrain of Club Penguin, the white puffle might be easy to miss, but is a joy to be around! Their quiet personality hides the fact that they can breathe ice, love to ice skate and have a strange connection to ninjas! You heard that right – the first white puffle was spotted at the Dojo. Additionally, they slice their cookies like ninjas and if you brush them, they get a ninja headband temporarily. Gentle and powerful, the white puffle is a cute companion.

The orange puffle’s personality is as eccentric as its appearance, as it has abnormal buck teeth and a purple tongue! It loves its wagon and while it is pretty active, it can be fairly lazy!

The brown puffle is brilliant, and they were first discovered in a cave filled with inventions. They’re exceptionally good at math and engineering, and find fun in coming up with new ideas and contraptions – even if they don’t always work out.

There are many kinds of puffles and they are all unique with their own personalities! Taking this into thought, there are two questions I have for you to answer…

Which puffle is your favorite and why?
Which puffle are you most like and why?

Don’t forget to comment your answers and thoughts! Fight the good fight.

-Danielle, RNM Discussion Division



hi i love my cat and rpf <3


  1. White puffle… But if they had it in CPR, rainbow also…

  2. I like the green puffle because it can fly and I wish I could fly too. I like the green colour. It is funny too! I am sure the green puffle is my favorite!

  3. alexander hamilton is my dad


  4. My favourite puffle is the black one. I don’t know why, but when it was released, all the island fell in love with it. Nowadays, the best puffle for me would be the golden one, although its not mentioned here..

  5. My favorite puffle is the black one. Don’t really know why but it’s been my favorite ever since I joined CP in 2010. It’s also the one I’m the most like because at first I’m shy and would rather be alone but once I get to know people I start showing the real me.

  6. It’s hard to pick, but I’d have to say I love the red puffle because red is my favorite color! Also, it’s a surfer, which reminds me of my home by the beach and surfing is super fun! It’s also very fun and energetic! The red puffle would definitely be the best one for me!

  7. My favorite was always the basic one, aka Blue puffle. I fell in love with those creatures way back when they got released in 2005. Even if they don’t go in any game except like Puffle Launch or Pufflescape I didn’t really care that much about mini games so that’s why I got to love that little creature. I still remember how I named my first puffle in the game “Cutie Patootie” ugh I miss my puffles in CP… 🙁

  8. My favorite Puffle is the white one for sure. I like that they are smaller then the rest!

  9. black one my favorite all time favorite I will always love it 😀

  10. Brown Puffle. Because they are cute!

  11. white puffles. they are my favorite, they’re just so damn cute…..

  12. My favourite is the Yellow Puffle because we both share an interest in art and creativity.

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