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Hey there RPF!

Welcome to another weekly Saturday Discussion post! Today we’re going to be talking about recruiting new troops for RPF! Recruiting new troops is really important as it spreads the word for RPF and brings us a variety of wonderful new soldiers and friends! Without recruiting, the RPF wouldn’t be able to continue to grow and be the wonderful community it is!


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Where to Recruit

You can recruit absolutely anywhere, but you have a better chance of success if it’s something Club Penguin related. You can recruit your friends, people in-game, people in real life who say they like to play, absolutely anyone! Recruiting on Club Penguin Universe itself is probably of the best ways to recruit new troops, even if you’re just waddling around the island, spread the word of RPF!


How to Recruit

When recruiting, it is essential you explain what RPF is, what we do. Not everyone knows what the RPF is and just saying ‘Rebel Penguin Federation’ doesn’t really help them that much. When recruiting you need to explain what RPF is, what great features the RPF has and why it’s fun! Here are some things you can say:

  • Search ClubPenguinRPF Online‘ – We often say this during events to recruit new members, this is because it tells them how to find us and our Discord server.
  • We are the largest Club Penguin army!‘ – We have over 7000 members in our discord server, this gives us huge numbers at events and is a great opportunity to make loads of new friends.
  • We take part in fun events!‘ – We have events that suit every single timezone, AUSIA, US and EU. This means everyone has a chance to participate in the great events!
  • We have the no.1 mascot tracker!‘ – Our mascot tracker is probably one of our best assets. This draws a lot of people to our server, as the tracking we do is second to none!
  • We have CPU News and tutorials!‘ – Our news and tutorials mean that nobody misses out on any exclusive items, and they get an amazing guide to all CPU parties!
  • We have a pin tracker!‘ – Pins can sometimes be quite difficult to find, so with a pin tracker there’s no need to worry about missing out!
  • CPU Mods are in RPF!‘ – Some people might avoid joining armies as they can sometimes be frowned upon by the CPPS Staff, so the information that CPU Staff not only support us but are part of RPF removes any worries they might have.

If someone is having difficulty joining the server or finding us, you need to guide them through it. Keep asking questions like, have you found the site? If they can’t find the site then you could suggest them searching Rebel Penguin Federation. Once they find the site, tell them they need to join the Discord, and make sure you know their Discord username so you can see when they’ve joined the server. If they can’t find how to join the Discord, explain that they need to click on the ‘Join Us’ link, and reassure them that once they have joined the Discord it will be a lot easier for them.


Once you have a Recruit

Once you’ve recruited someone and they’ve joined the Discord, they could be entirely new to Discord and armies, so you need to help them out. Make sure to tell them your Discord name, and make sure to welcome them when they join the server. Remember, out of the 7000+ people in the server, you’re the only person they’ve spoken to before, so it is much nicer for you to help guide them through the process than to just leave someone else to do it. Make sure they receive their roles from an Owner or Moderator, and once they are in the Discord you should be able to explain to them about when the events are, and what they need to do.


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Now here’s some questions about recruiting:

Have you recruited a troop before?

What do you think is the best way to recruit?

Do you think recruiting is an essential part of RPF?


Comment below and tell me your thoughts!


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  1. I have recruited before, it is in fact an essential part of RPF cause it makes us grow and not get stuck on the same numbers. Me personally I got into RPF because of the mascot trackers, that works flawlessly. Best way to recruit is having patience and explain all that RPF means.

  2. recruiting is the most essential part of an army as thru it, we get new life and new ideas. Plus its good to be a thicc army. I have recruited many times, particularly during the end of CP when RPF’s numbers were low. I found the best way to recruit was to just to get a small group of soldiers and while a few copy and paste advertising lines (search cprpf, ets.) u can talk to the penguins. get on their level 1 to 1 to show we arent just some 2 dimensional army recruiters.

  3. I have recruited only one person before. It’s important to help our numbers grow, so more people can attend our events and spread our name around. Some people aren’t aware of what RPF is and I think the best way to recruit is to tell them what it is, why they should join, and the army’s best features.

  4. 1. Yes, I have, many times! 🙂

    2. I think the best way to recruit is to tell them what RPF is and what we do.

    3. Yes, because if we didn’t recruit, we wouldn’t be as big of an army as we are.

  5. 1. Yes I have many times! Just an different armies I have been in over the past few years.
    2. I think the best way to recruit is to go on cpu and tell them what rpf is, what we do, and why they should join.
    3. Of course!!!! If we didn’t recruit, we wouldn’t be as big of an army we are today, plus we probably wouldn’t even be an army!

  6. Yes, i have tried recruiting a lot before but as far as i know, i only got one person to join..

    To give good reasons and to keep and keep doing it for a while..

    Well i think it’s a important part of the RPF and what makes us strong today..

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