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Without rooms to “waddle around and meet new friends,” what would Club Penguin and its CPPS be? Today the Discussion Division wants to explore the different rooms of Club Penguin and talk about our favorites!

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First, we will start with the most popular place on the island – the Town! The town gives you access to three buildings. One is the coffee shop, where can play Bean Counters, or go into the coffee shop attic Book Room and read with your cup of coffee! You can also head towards the Night Club, where you can dance, play DJ3K, join a dance contest, or go upstairs and play arcade games! Lastly, the town gives you access to the Gift Shop, where you can look through the catalog to find clothing to express yourself in the game! Some people, however, choose to stay outside, talk to other penguins or just relax!

To the right of the Town is the Snow Forts! This lovely area is where you can throw snow at other penguins, earn some stamps, or sit to the side and watch the battles ensue!

Is it grass or snow? You have to visit the Stadium or the Ice Rink to check! Play soccer at the stadium, or watch the figure skaters glide past the hockey players when the grass has been covered with ice! Whichever weather, you’ll have a blast!

Next, we come to the Plaza, where there are three places to explore! For one, you can get a slice of hot pizza at the Pizza Place, or play Pizzatron 3000. When you are done with that, put on a costume and perform at the Stage! Lastly, the lovable creatures called puffles can be found and adopted at the Pet Shop, or you can round them up with Puffle Roundup.

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Be careful, because you might wander into the Forest! There isn’t a whole lot to do there, but you can play hide and seek, or venture into the hidden lake via the ladder hidden by a boulder!

From the forest, you can go to the Cove, the secluded bay of Club Penguin. When you’re there, you can look through a telescope, sit by the campfire, or go surfing at Catching Waves!

The best place to see the view of the island is the Iceberg, but more penguins are focused on the huge myth – can it be tipped? In Club Penguin’s final party, it could be, and some CPPS have used that in their games – don’t be afraid to try it out! Additionally, search for treasure in the deep seas with Aqua Grabber.

Next we head to the Mine Shack! This lovely area gave you access to the recycling plant, but more importantly, it let you into all of the underground Club Penguin! Entering the mine could lead you to places like the cave mine, boiler room, and the underground pool!

A sheltered building in the mountains that hides the secrets of an ancient art.. that’s the Dojo! Here at the Dojo you can practice Card Jitsu with friends, or even battle Sensei. If you have earned your belts and proved yourself, you can also enter the ninja hideout!

After heading down the mountain again, we reach the Ski Village! In this area you can become a tour guide, or check out the Everyday Phoning Facility – where you might find more than you expect. You can also go into the Ski Lodge to sit by the fire or to play friends in a game of Find Four!

Hopping on the ski lift will give you a quick ride to the top of the Ski Hill! This big mountain is mostly known for its sled races. They range in difficulty, from the simple two player “Bunny Hill” to the treacherous four player “Ridge Run!” Just remember that no matter what you do, you’ll have fun!

Relaxing in the sun, building snow castles… you can find all that at the Beach! It is a popular place to relax and is also home to the lighthouse,  where you can watch a band or go flying in Jet Pack Adventure! The beacon is to help guide ships home – ships like the Migrator, which sometimes docks at the beach with Rockhopper!

The open space of the Dock might look simple, but what leads penguins there is the exceptionally fun game of Hydro Hopper, the first ever game in Club Penguin! In the game, one is on an inner tube being pulled by a boat, which sounds fun, but there’s a catch – you have to avoid obstacles as well!

That concludes our tour of the Club Penguin island, and now that we know what all of the rooms are like, the Discussion team would like to know what you think!

What is your favorite room in Club Penguin? Why?

-Daniellem, Discussion Division



  1. Of course its the coffee shop attic

  2. The classic Town area is my favourite, but only because its a common reunion point. The next one i love would be the Pizza Parlor.

  3. My favourite room is the Hidden Lake because it’s got such a relaxing, atmospheric look to it as well as the relaxing sound of ambience playing in the background. It’s a nice place to chill and think about life.

  4. May favourite room must be the Pizza Place, because it has a preety cool song, the atmosfere is good too and it has Pizzatron 300! What else! That’s all.

  5. Town is my favourite place. It’s right in the centre of the island and hence it’s nickname, ‘Town Center’, there are always a lot of penguins there and you can chat and add people best here.

  6. My favorite room is ski hills because u can do sled races there

  7. my favorite place is probably the old town mainly because its iconic and also because it is centralized, meaning that you can basically get from anywhere in a matter of clicks. Also on most servers the Town is where everyone is.

  8. I like the Iceberg because flipping the berg is iconic and also I like playing Aqua Grabber.

  9. I love the Hidden Lake, its just so unique and calming and there’s never commotion or crowds over there. My favourite hobby is to wear my mermaid outfit and stay there while interacting with all the penguins that drop in.

  10. I love the cave mine because when I’m out of coins, I can go there and farm coins and the fastest way than playing other games like Cart Surfer. Also, Pizza Parlor because not only it’s a place to eat pizza, but the best place to socialize other penguins and fun to troll other penguins. 😛


  11. I know I’m sorta cheating because this room is temporary but bare with me.

    My favorite room is the Doodle Dimension, or the pencil room as I like to call it. The walk animation is hilarious, it’s a good place to meet up with friends, it’s just a good time. I love this room.

  12. My favorite room in Club Penguin is the Mine Shack because there is a Mine i can go there playing Cart Surfing which is my favorite game and i can earn plenty of money so i could buy expensive clothings and igloos and igloo furnitures. I also went to Recycling plant in order to throw garbages.

  13. My favorite room in Club Penguin is the Mine Shack because there is a Mine i can go there playing Cart Surfing which is my favorite game and i can earn plenty of money so i could buy expensive clothings and igloos and igloo furnitures. I also went to Recycling plant in order to throw garbages to keep the surroundings clean and stay green

  14. Mine is def cove. I found it a very relaxing place. Also, I used to gather my friends together around the campfire back in the original CP. We would just sit there and talk about stuff for hours! It was the perfect place for hanging out. Those were the days…
    I also love the hidden lake for the same reason as Track mentioned. It’s the right place for your penguin’s alone time.=) Very beautiful and calming.

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