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Welcome to another addition of your weekly Saturday Discussion post! Today we’re going to be discussing the big news that happened today, the Royal Wedding!

Today was the marriage of Prince Harry (sixth in line to the British throne) and Meghan Markle (an American actress). The Wedding started at 12:00pm (BST) and was watched by a huge number of people all over the world. Meghan wore a beautiful dress that included a five metre-long veil which included details that represented the 53 countries of the Commonwealth. It is estimated that over 1 billion people watched this ceremony, whether outside in the streets of Windsor to see the Bride and Groom for themselves, or at home on their television.

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This leads us to the question, why are was this wedding so popular? Well, the Queen of England is also the Queen of the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth is the group of countries that used to be under the rule of the British Empire. This meant that Britain was in charge of all of these 53 countries and the laws of those countries. However, during the early 20th century the British Empire was decolonised. This meant that the 53 countries were given back power over their own land and allowed to govern themselves. After the Second World War, Queen Elizabeth II set up the British Commonwealth, to promote friendship, loyalty, freedom and peace between Britain and these 53 countries. As a result, many people within these countries love the Queen and the royal family and enjoy celebrating momentous occasions like weddings. This wedding in particular was also of particular interest to Americans, as Meghan was born an average American citizen who had no background of wealth or royalty. Meghan worked hard to make her way as an actress, yet she was always very interested in charitable causes, like Harry. As such, Meghan is the first essentially American Princess, and is able to use this platform to continue to do charitable work across the world.

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Now, here’s some questions for you!

Why do you think Royal Weddings are so popular?

What did you think of today’s wedding?

Would you ever want to become a Royal?

Please comment your answers below!


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  1. America clearly is the best! We don’t need a fancy wedding. Very sad, fake news! MAGA, thank you Kanye very cool!

  2. Royal Weddings are so popular because they are events which date back to the first King of England, Aethelstan. They are incredibly historical and momentous occasions. The Royal Family is one thing in 2018 which makes permanent history. I loved today’s wedding, it was the welcoming of the mixed raced and blacks into the Royal Family which is emblematic globally. I also loved it because King Edward VIII was not allowed to marry Wallis Simpson (an AMERICAN, and a DIVORCEE). Therefore, he had to abdicate. Today’s wedding shows how much the Church and society’s attitudes to marriage have changed. I’d love to be a royal but I would not want to ruin such a historic line of succession.

  3. I’m a British citizen myself, and Royal Weddings are truly a spectacle. Especially this one. It’s so different from William and Kate’s, it’s a lot more modern.

  4. 1. Royal Weddings are hyped by newspapers and magazines, plus they are televised and live streamed worldwide.

    2. I thought the wedding was very beautiful and it’s nice to see the support from the civilians as they stood outside Windsor Castle. It was quite unique wedding, as it was different from the usual Royal Wedding services, which was quite nice to see.

    3. I think it would be nice to be part of the Royal Family, as they do a lot of charitable work around the world and they get a lot of opportunities to help people. Although the strict rules they have to follow and the way they have to be so formal around their relatives would put me off.

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