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Welcome to the second installation of your Saturday Discussion posts!

Today we’re going to be discussing what makes a great event, and which ones we like best.

Attending events is a huge part of being a good RPF soldier, but what is it that makes RPF events unique and fun to be a part of?

Well, first of all, we have to thank the success of events to our leaders, who manage to run and organize every event for us to enjoy.

Events are also great fun due to the vast number of RPF troops that attend each event so GREAT JOB GUYS, KEEP IT UP!

Events are successful when all troops get in good formations and do tactics at the same time. As our tactics are so good some silly penguins think we use bots, when in reality we’re just incredibly organized!



Here’s some examples of some of the different types of events we do:

1) Stamps event (objective: to get stamps for all troops)

2) Igloo Raids (objective: to visit RPF igloos for stamp)

3) Find the leaders (objective: to find the missing leaders)

4) Air Force Vs. Navy (objective: for Air Force and Navy to battle)

5) U-Lead (objective: for troops to be allowed to lead tactics)

6) RPF Band events (objective: attend event wearing any instrument)

7) Costume events (objective: normal event in which a particular costume is worn)

8) Regular events (objective: event on CPR wearing RPF Uniform)


Here is a list of emotes we use during events:


Here are today’s questions:

What do you think makes a good event?

What are your favourite type of events?

What is your favourite emote tactic?

What is your favourite word tactic?


Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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  1. A good event entails everyone being together, working as a team to do different fun tactics. And whenever we’re super organized, a great event is leading someone to join RPF from being in the right place at the right time ;-).
    Favorite types of events are when we dress up in specific costumes. Mainly because I’m fast at taking pictures and like to provide good ones for the website.
    Favorite emote tactic is, and will always be, E+T. Can’t go wrong with it, and it really drives some people up the wall lol.
    No favorite word tactic. Mainly just like dancing! FTGF

  2. I think good event is that everyone can have fun or earn stamps.
    i dont really care about tactics, i think most important thing is to have fun and let leaders make tactics.

  3. What I think makes a good event: When every troop follows each given tactic accordingly, while having fun doing it, and when the leader leading the tactics know what they’re doing.

    My favorite type of events are ones that can benefit everyone, such as igloo raids and stamp hunts.

    My favorite emote tactic is the sun emote (aka E+D).

    My favorite word tactic is “Break past the limit”.


  4. What makes a good event imo: when everyone is doing a great job and messing up rarely happening

    My favorite type of events: U-leads, because ranks like private can lead an event even if they are not a mod or a 3ic, 2ic or RC

    My favorite emote tactic: E+G (Game stick emoji) cause it fits perfectly cause we are playing a game

    My favotire word tactic: “Never back down! FTGF!”

  5. I think that the “thing” that makes a good event are 2 things: A good leader and cooperation between the members.

    You could have the best leader in the world, but as long as no one cooperates the event will fail and end in disaster, or the troops could do things well but have a terrible leader, therefore making the event not so fun, so in my opinion you need to have both

  6. I think that when every troop participates or most troops do that makes a good event and when different leaders call out commands. My favorite type of event is find the leader because it is fun to explore and when there are multiple leaders you don’t know who you will find and where. My favorite emote tactic is E+2 or the smile emote. And my favorite word tactic is Break past the limit because it is one of the newer ones.

  7. A good event is when everyone follows orders and tactics are lightning quick, keeps the event more lively imo.Its also nice when leaders are open to suggestions. My favorite type of events have to be unscheduled events because the energy is always there and u never know what can happen. Makes me miss War times cuz events were always so much fun and unpredictable! My favorite emote has to be e9 CUZ WARFACES GRRRR lmao. My fav word tactic is Never Back Down cuz i feel like its such a great representation of RPF; we didnt back down to UMA, other armies (screw u Nachos), bad leadership or even the end of CP itself. We are the rpf and we will never back down to anyone or anything.

  8. A Good Event is a event that has well synched tactics and also an work together as a team, and many people attending it and the important thing is having fun and events always gives you power and makes you always excited.

    my Favourite Type of event is Air Force vs Navy, Becuase if AF vs Navy it has a chanllenge battle its like make you work your hardest to make your branch/team win its my best type of battle becuase it has all the things needed to have an amazing battle and this event has a challenge becuase its a battle aganist 2 branches becuase navy and air force are 2 strong.

    my Favourite Emote is E+P (Puffles) Becuase Puffles are Cute and fills most of the emote gaps.

    My Favourite Word Tactic is “Fear RPF” becuase i love people fears RPF and joins RPF and let other armies back down becuase this tactic is strong and its a good tactic to end off the other army becuase if the other army sees how much RPF says Fear RPF they will back down and fears RPF.

    And As Always…

  9. I think a core reason for an event makes a good event. Like when we raided Herbert’s hideout.
    The events with a theme for what you wear.
    Break past the limit!

  10. I think Troops having fun in general makes a good event. it’s all in the enjoyment, I say.
    I don’t really have a favourite Event type, although we’ll see! after all, I only recently became a Rebel.
    my favourite emote tactic has to be the flower–E+F, and the word tactic is whatever word tactic is being used only for that specific event…


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