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Welcome to another Wednesday Discussion column! Today we’re going to talk about the flag of RPF. Click “continue reading” to read more!”



A flag is a symbol and emblem of a group or nation. It spreads pride and shows that the nation is still standing tall and strong. The one thing every country in the world has in common is that it has a flag.


This is the evolution of the RPF flag over a decade, with the current flag at the end.


This is the 2018 flag of the Rebel Penguin Federation, by itself.


As you can see, it’s main colors are white, red, and black! Those all have a variety of different connotations.


To get more clarity on the matter I talked to someone who you might be familiar with… Here was his response when I asked him about the flag.


I want to know what the current members of RPF think about the flag, so I ask you…


Why is it important for RPF to have a flag?

What do you think the different colors and designs on the flag represent?



  1. we need to have a flag cause basically its like our identity and the flag represents the type of army rpf is
    so yea

  2. The flag shows who we are, so yeah… I think that’s it.
    The flag shows our strength as an army. Always keep fighting the good fight! Break past the limit!

  3. The flag shows that we are a community and that we are a united army.

  4. It shows we are all fighting for the same cause.

  5. I think the colors should change, considering those are the same colors as Egypt’s IRL Flag. Its pretty weird, but just saying.

  6. Flags are cool! Flags are great! They make me *happy*!

  7. The flag represents what we stand for, what we are here for, and our original purpose. RPF’s purpose may not still be to revolt against UMA, considering UMA is no longer as powerful as RPF is, but the personality and what we stand for is conveyed through the flag.

  8. We need a flag to keep our game going, we need to be on the top at all times no matter what!

  9. The flag helps identify who’s who and symbolize either a movement or idea. The colors help convey the message we spread.

  10. Flag are designs used as a symbol. Every nation in the world has one to represent themselves. And all of their national flags are some sort of patriotic symbols with varied wide-ranging interpretations which often include strong military associations. We’re a military. We need a flag because representation matters. If another army or person can see and recognize our flag, then we know that the community is strong. And that we have power. Simple as that.

  11. I think The design on the flag means the following:
    1. The star that looks like an A represents unity and going beyond the limits of the Earth.
    2. The black lines represent the air force because they look like wings.
    3. The red lines represent the navy because they are straight lines (Representing the ground or the ocean)
    4. White represents peace and purity
    5. Black represent the penguins
    6. Red represents the “blood” of the penguins that are fighting for the RPF. I think that is what the flag means =)

  12. Flags are important as they visually your groups beliefs and what you are all about.
    The flag represents some kind of unification of the 3 colours with quite a striking symbol. All seems highly linked to military. The colours could represent numerous things. It allows for individual members to create their own thoughts about the flag.

  13. The flag shows our vision and pretty much resembles us. Without it, we’d have no identity of our own. It shows what we stand for, what we strive to be, and when the enemy will be looking down in battle, the last thing they see is this flag, knowing that they’ve been bested. By the RPF.

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