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Hey RPF!

Welcome to your weekly Wednesday discussion! Today’s topic is one of the many features that people love about Club Penguin Private Servers – stamps!

There are many different types of stamps! One category of stamps are the character stamps, which are earned when a player is in the same room as a mascot! There are also the party stamps, which includes stamps that were specific to a party/party room! The activity stamps are stamps that can be obtained by doing actions around the island. Most of these are available all of the time! Game stamps can be earned by completing levels or doing extra tasks in a game. Lastly were the video game stamps, which are available to those with Club Penguin video games.

Within each group of stamps are a range of difficulties. First there are easy stamps, like the “underground” stamp! Up next are the medium stamps, such as the “going places” stamp. The hard stamps included the “floor filler” stamp, among others. Lastly, the extreme stamps were the hardest to get, with stamps like the “mullet capture” stamp in Aqua Grabber!

Players of Club Penguin get stamps for many different reasons! When you collect all of a game’s respective stamps, you earn double coins whenever you play it! This encourages players to get stamps for more coins. Others may do it to decorate their stamp book, which everyone can see! Also, members of the RPF Discord server may want to collect stamps in order to obtain the Stamp Maniac role, which is given to those with more than 170 stamps!

Whether you have two hundred stamps or only five, the Discussion Division wants to know your thoughts about them!

What type of stamp is your favorite?

Do you collect stamps? Why?

What stamp do you have that you are the most proud of?

-Daniellem, Discussion Division 🤠



  1. i have over 150 stamps, i like the happy room stamp, and yes i collect em!

  2. I like the mascot stamps, I have 61 and I don’t really make a habit of collecting them to be honest.

  3. – I don’t really know which one is my favorite!🤔Perhaps the activity stamps, or the one for games!
    – I currently have 101 but I’m trying to get more to get the stamp manic role! Other than this I like collecting them cuz it’s fun and encourages you to try and play all the games around the Island.
    – Finding the secret treasure in soda seas in AG is the one I think I’m most proud of! Since capturing that mullet was damn hard! :V

  4. My favourite stamps would be game ones, cause you have to really try to collect some of em. I have over 240 so im a big stamp achiever myself.

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