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Hello RPF!

Welcome to your weekly Discussion Post. Today we’re going to be discussing our favourite thing: The Rebel Penguin Federation! We’re going to be talking about what it is that makes the RPF the great army it is, and how we all ended up part of this amazing community!

People join the RPF for many different reasons. Many join for the trackers, like the mascot tracker and the pin tracker! Others might join for our CPO tutorials, available on our website. Some might join because of friends. Our events draw people in when they see us in Club Penguin. Also, many people join because of dedicated recruiters of RPF!

RPF is not always what people expected. Many people are quick to call us bots or hackers, but the truth is far from that! Some people who accuse of us being bots, after joining our discord, realise we are just a very well organised army which is what makes our tactics so great! Some of these accusers, after realising the truth, even join RPF and become part of the community. Many people who join for the tracker are also surprised by the welcoming nature of every RPF troop which makes them want to stay and be part of us!

There are many different aspects of RPF that people love! These include our Discord server, which constantly has conversations going. Lots of people enjoy attending our events, where we get to execute fantastic tactics and formations! One main aspect of RPF is the community – everyone in it is welcoming, kind and friendly.


RPF is unique and wonderful, and we want to know what you think about it!

Why did you join the RPF?

Is the RPF what you expected it to be?

What is your favourite aspect of RPF?


-Daniellem, Discussion Division 🤠



  1. The people who call you bots or hackers only do when you make a room lag. The Rebel Penguin Federation has destroyed every enemy army, leaving nothing left. Sure, the RPF may be a happy community, but the CPA (or should I say CPRA?) community is dead. Even Elmikey has moved on. Someday, this army will end. Everything ends eventually, that’s just how things are. The RPF isn’t what I expected it to be, but you have to dig deep to see what it really is.

  2. 1. Saw a unscheduled event on November 19th and thought it was cool but had no clue what it was. The next day I saw people talking about RPF in the mine so I googled it and joined.

    2. I don’t really remember what I was expecting because I joined on a whim so…

    3. The chat

  3. I joined the RPF to rank up and become a legend to all in the grand Rebel Penguin Federation.
    The RPF is what I expected. A great community with loyal and disciplined soldiers.
    My personal favourite aspect of RPF is how fun it is to serve as a Colonel!

  4. 1. Because back in 2015, I just thought RPF was cool, now back in 2017 and I rejoiend, it was because we were like a community and one of the only surviving armies from the old CP left..

    2. Yes, it was fun and great, and I love fighting the good fight..

    3. It’s that we work together, as a group of people who love this one game and fight for the right things, fighting against hacking, and a more kid friendly community, I just love fighting the good fight ever since 2015 😀

  5. I joined RPF in August 2017 becuase I wanted to become part of the community.

    It is exactly what I expected it to be.

    It’s the community, the RPF has good leadership, is against bots, hacking, and multiloggiing, and is overall a great community. 😀

  6. 1. I quitted Nachos for RPF because I thought RPF to be better than those
    sickening Nachos (it still is undoubtedly).
    2. Seems so.
    3. AUSIA Division. Ay it’s the best.

  7. 1. From what I remember, I joined RPF simply out of curiosity and excitement. I haven’t really been in a community prior to joining Club Penguin Armies, so it was, of course, a new experience.

    2. Not quite. I honestly thought RPF was a random thing that Disney officially made, so I assumed there’d be actual war missions on Club Penguin. As a young person, I remember running around my house roleplaying as a soldier taking down bad guys as an enactment of my imagination.

    3. The people. I’ve really grown mentally with the help of people that were and may still be in this community.

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