Discussion: Unique vs. Original Mascots

Hey RPF!

Welcome to another weekly discussion post, where we will talk about all things related to Club Penguin, the Rebel Penguin Federation, and more! Today we will be talking about the two types of mascots, but before we move on…

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When it comes to classifying mascots, there are two main groups. The first group is the original Club Penguin mascots. These are the most known mascots, for they are the ones that were in the original Club Penguin before it shut down. These mascots include Cadence, Herbert, Rookie, Rockhopper, and more. Disney also added mascots that were related to Disney movies or TV shows, such as McKenzie and Cece, among others.

The other group of mascots are unique mascots. These are mascots that are unique to certain Club Penguin Private Servers (CPPS). This group includes Rory, from Club Penguin Rewritten; Tour Guide, recently added to Club Penguin Universe; and False, a mascot for a short time on Club Penguin Universe. These mascots are rarer to encounter as you can only find them on one CPPS, but they are loads of fun!

Both types of mascots are fun to meet, but the Discussion Division of Rebel News Media wants to know your opinions on them!

Do you prefer original mascots or unique mascots? Why?

Do you want CPPS to create more unique mascots?

-Daniellem, Discussion Division 🤠



  1. I think new mascots are a prettty cool idea. I liked the mascots that linked into the cp story more like rory and dj maxx than randomly created mascots, but custom backgounds are always cool

  2. Q1 – I prefer older ones cos I like the nostalgic feel.

    Q2 – I’d like more unique mascots as I like new content.

  3. i like the orginals better, like herbert and gary, because I think its stupid to have other mascots like false, its super dumb, no one cares about false or other unique mascots, the more orginal ones the better, more ppl come on, which means we can recruit more. And NO I DONT WANT THEM CREATING MORE UNIQUE MASCOTS

  4. 1. I like the old ones more but I also like the newer ones.

    2. Yep

  5. I love the idea of new mascots, my favourite one will be Rockhopper but CPU is doing a great job with mascots so far.

  6. I prefer the original mascots, because they’re apart of my childhood and I remember freaking out about meeting them when I was a smol bean. It also makes the CPPS feel more true to the original Club Penguin, but I’d like new mascots to be added, as it’s more unique and brings something new to the game.

  7. Q1. Both because the old mascots make me remember the original CP why the unique mascots makes me know that they are trying to be more original with the mascots and not just sticking to the old ones

    Q2. Yes it would be interesting to see

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