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Welcome to your first Wednesday Discussion column! Today we want to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day, which is our topic for today. Click continue reading to read more! 



Valentines Day, which is celebrated on February 14th, was traditionally a feast to celebrate Saint Valentine. In fact, it is still an official feast day in the Anglican Communion and the Lutheran Church! Saint Valentine was a Roman Saint who was martyred, or put to death. The story goes that he was executed because he was marrying soldiers. At the time, it was illegal for a soldier to marry. While he was in prison, he supposedly gave the daughter of the judge, who was blind, her sight back. Before he was executed- on February 14th- he wrote a letter to the judge’s daughter. It was signed “Your Valentine.”

The date did not start to become affiliated with romantic love until the 14th century, in the time where courtly love started to grow popular. Courtly love was the concept, in literature, of love that focused attention on nobility and chivalry.

The holiday grew even more popular and expanded even more in the 18th century, in England. The date became a day where lovers would express affection for each other. They would do so by sending gifts of flowers, cards called valentines, and confectioneries. Sound familiar? If it does, that is because today, people still give each other cards, bouquets, and chocolate!

Symbols of Valentine’s day include hearts, doves and Cupid. In Roman Mythology, he was the god of love and affection, and was the son of Venus. In fact, you can get the Cupid role until February 2018 by spending rebelcash on it in our Discord server!

Valentine’s day has changed over the years, and we want to know…


What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

Do you think Valentine’s Day is an important holiday?

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Why or why not?


-Danielle from the Discussions Team ♥



hi i love my cat and rpf <3


  1. Valentine’s Day is a day to show the poeple you love that you care about them. It’s not too important but it’s fun and sweet. I celebrate it because it’s about the little things that show you care. This year I celebrated by making homemade Valentine cards for my mom, my grandmas, and my aunts.

  2. It means that people go into full kissy mode and apparently tell each other how much they love each other (even though they had a full year)

    No its not that important, you dont tell someone how much you love them just for a day, you’re supposed to tell them that everyday

    No, instead i buy myself chocolates

  3. As all celebrations of this kind, like mother’s day, i really like the idea of having a day to commemorate and to love each other. But on the other hand, i don’t really think it is needed to have one day to love people, as i like doing it daily. So i have this mixed opinion on this topic.

  4. It means a bit but barely anything as i am always single 😉
    It’s an important holiday tho to express peoples feelings for each other and make them their true love.
    Well FTGF! – from your single boi Daft

  5. For me Valentine’s day is a BEATIFUL DAY but nobody love’s me…..wait ehmmmm It’s a Great Day and that Uwu

  6. Needs more jazz, chocolates good though!

  7. i hate valinetines day it sux no one loves me ;(

  8. Is it valentines day?

  9. To me it just shows how much you care about your bf/gf by giving them gifts or candy.

    • Actually for me Valentine’s day is just a day. It is not necessary to celebrate Valentine’s day because if you love someone then for you every day is Valentine’s day. This year I didn’t but previous year I did . Actually I am studying for my final exam of this session so I don’t have time.

  10. Alienhunter [Ariel]

    Was normally a reminder I was single but now I’m not so hopefully it wont suck anymore

  11. Valentine’s day is a day to spend time with your significant other. I spent time with mine, even though she’s a video game waifu. Her name is Pyra.

  12. Valentine’s Day to me is a day to spread love to anybody, even if you aren’t in a relationship. It’s a day to make people feel special and appreciated!
    I think Valentine’s day is important because any holiday promotes happiness and I think it’s good to have that good feeling every once in a while! Also, it promotes love, which I think is an important factor in life (not necessarily dating relationships but all type of relationships!)
    I celebrate Valentine’s Day whether I have a Valentine or not because for others who don’t have a Valentine, I like to make them feel special too with gifts! I also love giving people things and knowing that I made someone happy at all makes me happy!

  13. So happy for your first post Danielle! It was great! 😁

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