Discussion: What Do You Think RPF Could Improve On?

Hello RPF, and yet again welcome back to the weekly wonders of Discussion Division! Last we dived into our favorite moments in RPF, talking about our favorite aspects of this ginormous organization that unites us all. This week, instead of looking back, we’re going to be looking forward, looking and sharing what we think RPcould improve upon. There’s always room for improvement, and these ideas could lead to bold additions to our entire community. So settle in, get ready to start typing, because we’re hopping straight into it!

Now, in case you didn’t know, the RPis always looking to improve our community, whether it’s by holding more movie nights, playing some fun games on designated game nights, or just taking input on when, how many, and how long events should be. If you’ve been here long enough, you may have even entered a survey where you could share your thoughts on events and special nights for games and movies. The RPis always open to new suggestions on what our troops want to see, and this can be seen in the contests we hold weekly. Of course, these contests are preselected from an abundant list of what we think you want to see, but that doesn’t always mean we hit it on the dot. This week, I’ve decided it’d be a good idea to look at exactly what you want the RPF  to add in coming days.  And on that note, I think it’s time to reveal our weekly questions…

What things do you think RPF could improve on?
Why do you think RPF could improve on these things?
What do you think RPF is doing best?

RPalways is open to suggestions, and just because you may have missed this post doesn’t mean you can’t suggest something. If you have a suggestion, please submit it to #help-desk on the RPdiscord. Take your time answering this question too, as RPwants the best suggestions you can come up with.
Don’t forget to post your answers to this weeks questions in the Comments Section!
-Reyder, Discussion Division




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  1. Needs more jazz

  2. more fun events like capture the leader or something

  3. i love it as it is.

  4. theres LOTS of things RPF could really really work on! one of the biggest things that ive noticed over the time ive been here is that RPF has been slowly fading away in tradition!!!!
    a primary example would be even this post. instead of mentioning the fun and delightful battles and events we have, you focused on the more appealing side od rpf which corresponds to fun and enjoyment like watching movies during movie nights and playing games in game nights despite the fact that barely anyone shows up for both movie and game nights. instead of showing who we really are, you instead focused us more on the fun parts like i already mentioned, but those fun things arent even common either, its like ocne a month we do those things. i’m not saying that we should have more of them, im only pointing it out how we changed from fighitng battrles to hosting movie nights. we lost that traditional warrior like aspect of ourselves!!!! im also in no way trying to pick on u so sorry if it seems like i am D:
    back then we used to have at the very least 3 battles everyday (ausia, eu, and us) and possibly have unschedlued events but now we dont have those unscheduled events or those daily 3 events. we only have 1on weekdays and 2 on weekends!!!! i miss having like 5 events and im sure lots of others too.
    also once again not trying to pick on this post, but this post doesnt even haveour motto on it (fight the good fight)!!!! we have disconnected ourselves extremely and vastly from who we once were from 2008. we now dont even do much which is kinda sad ngl. we just have fun and talk to each other which i dont really mind, but what i do mind is that the most rpf thing we do is button mash for 30 minutes!!!!! i really want to help a lot more and do many more things other than just events and im pretty sure a lot of other peoples do too. as much as i love rpf now and how booming in size we are, i miss hte old rpf and old traditions and old everything. we should do and or get back some of the things or peoples from those times and try to get a mix, like semi conservative!
    rpf is fun and all right now but some parts of it are just repetitive, i would DEFINITELY like to see new things come out from rpf, and not just any new things, new things that benefit rpf and not lure others into rpf for other reasons like the mascot tracker. almost everyone joins for the mascot tracker and its fine and all but we should do something to give life and meaning to the good fight, not to cpr or any other cpps or any one for that matter!! i enjoyed the wars, i loved the battles, and i thrived on sort of militaristic vibe i got back then. we need to trace our roots back, get some good old tradition in the vains, and fight the good fight like we once did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • quisqueya, 4ic
      i totally didnt forget to sign that

    • we could also have thingies to learn more about the history of rpf and the former glorious peoples and enemies and legends and stuff (and ik that there is a legends post but its always better to get a first person insight on things). like a combo of what should have been the abc channel history thingy about rpf history and tgf podcast

    • i also think that everything shouldnt be so centralized between the owners because it really blocks out a lot of ideas from new peoples and that lost perspective not only is kinda mean but also limits creativity. everyone has ideas and things and again ik that there is a help desk and this post but it doesnt seem enough. we should try to get new peoples insight on things and maybe get other peoples advice, decision, and opinion on things because it makes us seem more opportunistic and gives chance to new peoples to rise and shine and provide ideas some peoples could have never thought of. we’re all smart in our own ways and we all have different ways of thinking, we’re all special snow flakes!!!
      i just think that instead of everything being so strict and centralized, maybe some spread so we can all be a part of the fun because rpf isnt jsut about one person or a group of peoples, its about all of us, as a whole, fighting the good fight 😀 😀 😀 😀

  5. Needs more ja…Wait what was that biffer
    Anyway, karaoke nights would be a nice addition as well as game nights.
    Also mixing up events would be good. I don’t know whether its just me but events lately have felt a little predictable.
    Also quis may have a point, more events would be good and a full ausia revival attempt would be fantastic!

  6. A lot lately, newer troops have been struggling with events, and noticed with some beforehand have asked what certain things mean. Tactics and formations may seem easy but not everyone will understand them straight away, so I had an idea to bring in “Troop Tutoring” where older troops can help newer troops understand the basics of tactics and formations making the pictures look better and everyone will enjoy the event more.

    CPR is shutting down
    what will rpf do?
    no more battles, no more mascots, no nothing.
    what is rpf gonna do?????????????

    • CPR is not the only CPPS (Club Penguin Private Server) out there. Chip said in the #help-desk “If CPR shuts down, RPF will be moving to the cpps the majority of the cpr community moves to. We will have to wait to see what private server that is”

  8. Alienhunter [Ariel]

    So just a few ideas I have
    -I’m with quis on the additional event thing. I liked the idea a lot during the olympics and it’d give me a better chance to show up to things. I mean now we have 2 entire break days so that’s kinda the opposite direction from what I was hoping for
    -Im with Pika for troop tutoring i feel like it’ll make us look a lot more ***C R I S P***
    -going back to break days, maybe you could make sunday the break day idk

  9. I LUV RPF but i think we need to tighten up all our tactics and movements. Our army is defintely thicc, but we need to working on moving as a unit and having our tactics/ emotes at the same time. I suggest doing more events that are ADVERTISED as training. I love uncheduled events.

  10. Well, to be honest there are some things that should be improved but the most important one would be more game nights! We are so stuck with CPR, that we got nothing else to care about!
    With more game night, we would have more fun and do something else than usual!
    Of course there are really good things about RPF! On of the best is the activity and care of the high ranks about the group! They are so deticadet that deserve all of them an icon role!

    That’s all. FTGF.

  11. Maybe RPF could create its own cpps?

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