Disney Takes CP Rewritten’s old domain & redirects to CP Island

For several months now, we have heard of the Disney-CPR feud. We never really found out where this went, and the most recent thing that had happened was from months ago, where Disney took CPR’s access from clubpenguinrewritten.

However recently, Disney has redirected clubpenguinrewritten.pw to Club Penguin Island.

What was very interesting about this was the shade Disney threw at CPR

When you visit the page, and get redirected to CP island, this is what you see:

Disney used ‘pirate’ in reference to piracy. Basically implying that CPR stole their game, and are pirates.

What do you think of this? Is CPR’s remake of CP under fair use? Do you think Disney should have done this?

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  1. I think CPR has done a good job at doing what Disney could never have done. They brought back an old children’s game that we enjoyed playing and membership was free. Once Disney shut down Club Penguin, Club Penguin was not theirs anymore. Once you sell your old house and buy a new one, you no longer live in that old house.

  2. Disney maybe has some rights because it was originally their game, but CPR is like 2010 files, they shouldn’t complain.

  3. I’m on Disney’s side

  4. I think that the redirect is beyond savage despite that Club Penguin Rewritten is fair use.

  5. frick u disney u stopedos

  6. I think the main problem was calling it ‘club penguin’ because that essentially has ties with their new product. They were possibly also annoyed by the success of CPR as it essentially takes away from their new paid-for project by offering a similar but free game. At the same time, the creators of CPR should’ve looked more into copyright infringement regarding the name as they would’ve saved themselves a lot of trouble which other CPPSes haven’t faces.

  7. Disney is just jealous the CP rewritten is doing way better than CP Island so they should have done what they did and Disney should just pretty much just leave CPR alone

  8. That is a total disappointment for us.

  9. I say Disney is jealous that most people are playing cpr instead of cp island… There probably going to change everything… 😑… It’s kind of annoying…

  10. I think Disney just want to keep their CP franchise to themselves even though they shut down the original CP.

  11. Disney thats just mean

  12. oh well its named cpr rewriiten and not cp ..so theres nothing wrong in it

  13. Disney with their crap, cant leave a game alone since its doing better than theirs

  14. Nah Disney are quite rude to do that.
    All CPR is doing is bring the old days back.

    What’s wrong with that?

  15. CPR has done a great job to bring back the joy of the old CP. WHAT IS DISNEY DOING?

  16. how the hell could CPR be piracy? it’s FREE. if they wanted their game, they wouldn’t have shut it down, Like the financial idiots they are.

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