Easter Igloo Contest RESULTS!

Greetings Rebels,

I am proud to announce the winners of the easter igloo contest, we had plenty of amazing submissions, however, we had to bring it down to the top 3 igloos. The contest team has decided who come first second and third, press read more to find out!

In first place winning 5000 rebelcash is…


In second place winning 2500 rebelcash is…


And in third place winning 1000 rebelcash we have…


Congratulations to all that won and thank you, everyone, for the great submissions!

-Plane, RPF general

Biffer wuz here


  1. First and cograts to all winners

  2. congrats to all that won/ got in 1st 2nd or 3rd

  3. First and congrats to all winners

  4. CONGRATS EVERYONE!! Great work on the igloos!

  5. Congrats y’all! Well done too to hoever else submitted!!!!

  6. Thank you very much!

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