We Still Stand Today

Happy 11th anniversary, RPF!

“Club Penguin is an Internet game, somewhat of a chat room, but not really. There are many armies in club penguin too. Many undiscovered armies, and many well known armies. People join these armies to protect their servers, their homes. RPF is a new army. We just want peace, and to do so we need to crush our enemies. So join RPF and fight the good fight.”

-Stated RPF Creator, Commando717’s “Welcome R.P.F. Members” on May 8th, 2007

[A short post but still similar to last year’s anniversary post which you can read by clicking here]

Many people who continued even after Club Penguin’s closure possibly did so to relive past memories and continue establishing new ones. Some, along the way, integrated themselves into this tight-knit community that has been alive for eleven years. Thousands have joined and left, some vanished without a single warning, and others who continue to stay, whether directly affiliated with this group or simply communicating with others globally. A group about logging on, doing a couple of emotes together, and then logging off to go higher up the ranks was and is possibly the pinnacle of many people’s childhoods (or whatever period of time), but not for that reason.

Friends kept this entire organization alive. Ordinary people made this entire thing special. Once everyone leaves, there will be many who look back through digital fragments and recall the essence of childhood spent with others. Even when we’re all scattered around the world, we all may have common interests and goals that banded us together and possibly made us closer to each other for those reasons.

The only way this group is special to you is if you make it special. We’ve been alive for eleven years and constantly climbing up the ladder, sometimes falling down, but always climbing again afterward. The way we can reach the next step can start with you.

Eleven years—that’s a long time. And yet, we still stand today.

Truly I wonder, what’s on the horizon next?



idk stop asking


  1. Its amazing to be a part of such a wonderful community and i’m glad to be part of something spectacular. 11 years and still going strong.

    Let’s keep spreading the good fight RPF!
    (Great post by the way, Junie)

  2. honoured to be part of this amazing community which i can call my second family <3

  3. Been here since October last year and I have had a blast with rpf and i love it very much


  4. Been some of the greatest 6 months of my life, made so many new friends and made so many great memories, its been a great 11 years for RPF, and heres to another 11 more

  5. I first joined the RPF on August 4, 2017 and I have enjoyed being in the RPF.


  6. Good Post

  7. Oh GG RPF on completing 11 strong years.
    I am happy to have been part of this family for almost 3 years. FTGF!

  8. Fight the Good Fight, Break Past the Limit, and Never Back Down. Happy Birthday RPF ❤️

  9. DaftBasilisk641

    If we keep on growing as quickly as we are today, imagine the number of troops we will have later. 1,000 troops looked like a dream 11 years ago. We are 7x more than 1000 today. The community gets better each and every day. Without the community, we would be nothing, no troops, no respect, no kindness (:o)! There are many people who have contributed to RPF to even make it rise to 11 years. We fought the shutdown of CP because of the courage we all have inside us to fight it. We are the very few armies who survived the shutdown and because of that exact moment, we grew and now have hit 11 years. The past 6 months have been amazing and even better with the community and I hope I can stay longer to witness our growth and loyalty!

    Keep on fighting the good fight.

    Happy Birthday RPF <3 – Daft

    PS: Lets root for 10k+ members at the 12th year anniversary!

  10. why didn’t you center the text 🙁

  11. Ive gotta bucket of chicken

  12. Great to see RPF stand tall at 11 years. I made so many friends over the 6 months, I will never stop Fighting The Good Fight. RPF is just like a family, we are all united, let’s keep it here. Cheers!

  13. Eleven going on infinity, filled with great minds that are on a constant incline.

  14. Well dad gum, that’s pretty neat

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