Elmikey Unmasked: The Truth Revealed

I am disgusted knowing that this guy led the RPF.

Hello, RPF

Time after the removal of Elmikey from the RPF leadership (read more about it HERE), he had begun showing his true colors and malicious intent in the RPM Discord server; a server he made to try and combat the RPF. In this post, you will find several pieces of evidence (in the form of screenshots that were taken on the server) that prove who Elmikey truly is, and what exactly the things were that he was planning on doing (and did). Elmikey, former dictator of the Rebel Penguin Federation, is an individual that is only worried about his own benefits and believes he should be the only person holding power. Be sure to continue reading so you can see who he really is behind his mask.

Important note: Please right click on any blurry images and click open image in new tab to see a bigger, and clearer version of the picture. 

Shortly after the removal of Elmikey, our website started to lag and often go completely down at times. We dismissed it as we thought it was just a problem from our host. A few days went by and we noticed the RPF website was completely hit offline, and remained offline for days. This is when we knew it had to be Elmikey…

Unfortunately although we were nearly certain it was Elmikey, we just couldn’t prove it. He was hiding it well.

Or so we thought…

Two people were working with Elmikey on this plan to take down our website. Those two being Null and Security. Surprisingly, they both ultimately leaked Elmikey’s DMs.

Part 1: Null Exposing Elmikey

We called this Operation Olympia

Null was the person doing the attacks, while Elmikey and Security told him what to do.

We had to get null to somehow leak Elmikey’s direct messages, but how? This sparked a brilliant plan that surprisingly worked.

We knew Null’s purpose of doing these attacks was personal attention and because Elmikey most likely paid him, so we targetted what we could, and that was his unhealthy crave for personal attention.

We quickly discredited all his work by creating a random figure named ‘Comedygold’ and publicly announced that the person behind all these attacks was Comedygold. This made Null very angry.

Null tried EVERYTHING to prove it was him. He thought we were fooled by a fraud! He got so obsessed with proving it was him, he starting leaking Elmikeys DMs. Our plan was a success.

Null took video evidence of his conversation with Elmikey. The video has been slowed down a bit so you guys can see it. If it’s scrolling too fast slow it down to 0.5.

Disclaimer: This is not my screen and I am not Null.

In case info was left out of those videos, here is picture evidence.

Elmikey hinting at DDoS attacks

Elmikey is seen here working with nulltype and notifying him whenever our site went back up

Most recent screenshot after our website is put back online

Right click image and open image in new tab to see image clearly.

The following screenshot is in the video:

Right click image and open image in new tab to see image clearly.

Here, on penguin oasis, you can see elmikey taunting me about the website being down. On what site brooo??!?!?! HA!

Club Penguin Rewritten was also a target of Elmikeys. Why? You may ask. Elmikey constantly bugged Codey trying to get RPF banned from CPR after his removal. Codey refused to everytime. Codey even offered (and helped) us with the process of getting the website back up) This made Elmikey angry, so he came up with a sinister plan with Security. Their plan was to DDoS CPR and only stop if they banned RPF. They started by hitting off CPR’s blog because they could not compete against the game’s security.

Their attacks were quickly mitigated, and as time went on, Security became fedup with Elmikeys behaviour, and eventually he cut ties with him. This led to the exposure of Elmikey’s DMs with security. We would like to thank security for revealing this information.

Security leaked these DMs to CPR admin, Codey.

Time for the pictures 🙂

dede former cpa member

Leaked dms

This is a conversation with Elmikey. Elmikey deleted his messages, more on that later.

Typically when you’re a big-time liar like Elmikey, you always try to hide your tracks to show that you’re innocent when you’re really not.

Elmikey has deleted messages many times and has been caught doing so. I have one question for you Elmikey… What are you trying to hide?

A disturbing attempt to hide the truth was when as I was making this post I joined the RPM discord temporarily to see if I can gather any information through the chat logs. I saw so much drug talk, talks about guns, drug dealers; it was shocking. Unfortunately while I was looking through them, Elmikey found out, and quickly purged over 20,000 messages.

0;23 in video(pt.1) if you want to see. Picture below.

Right click image and open image in new tab to see image clearly.

When a new channel gets created it shows a welcome message.

In an earlier screenshot shown, you saw Security talking with Elmikey. Security was explaining things, but there were no questions asked…

You can clearly tell he deleted messages. Security said phrases that you would normally say in reply to something.

Elmikey has lied a lot after his removal. I will debunk his biggest lie that he uses to brainwash his blind followers into thinking that his ban was not justified.

First off, Elmikey claims that I ‘blackmailed him into stepping down’. He claims I told him if he doesnt step down I’m publishing the post we had ready. This is all false.

His claims

The truth

Where do you see me blackmailing Elmikey?

Unfortunately I would be able to post and debunk more lies if he didnt completely wipe out all the messages on his RPM discord. Oh well, maybe another day!

So if you are one of the few blind followers of Elmikey, I ask you, do you want THIS guy to represents you?

Elm in it for the money.

Elmikey claims he fights the darkness

The reality? He is the darkness.

Fight the Good Fight



Hello! I'm Chip. I am currently one of the three RPF leaders!


  1. well this post shows how rotten people really can be for their own personal gain (or revenge)

    if you can please send this message to our banned leader
    don’t do drugs

  2. Wow, what a ***… glad the site is up and working again though!!!!! 🙂

  3. Wow. Wow. I never knew it was this bad

  4. Anme not first

  5. Turrible. Just turrible.

  6. Seems like his thirst for revenge made him do terrible things, and I am quite surprised actually. Seems like the DDOSing of RPF’s website was just one part of his plan to bring the RPF down.

    Many people in RPM share a deep hatred for RPF, and so joined RPM to take the RPF down, but they don’t know what their leader can do.

    It’s sad, seeing people blindly follow such a terrible leader just because they hate the RPF.

  7. Ahahaha! How does it feel Elmikey? Who’s the debunked now? This is the true RPF fighting evil and corrupt!

  8. It’s actually really pathetic that a 23 year old man, yes MAN believe it or not, would spend hours of his time trying to get revenge over a Club Penguin Army. It’s time Elm’s parents cut him off so he actually has to get off his computer and get a life.

  9. cries 🙁 why elm do this?

  10. why did u do this elm u were our leader but i was wrong

  11. Honestly…. Kinda expected. Not surprised after what he’s done before.

  12. Wow, that guy. Nothing other than I thought that he was a legend, but now what he have done to RPF. At least the current RPF official website is back to normal.

  13. if someone hing happens to rpf it happens to me too even if I am banned from it I love it still rpf was my first discord server I have lots of friends there

  14. tfw it wasn’t elm who ddosed cpr 😉

  15. Well Chip writes really great persuasive posts. Hat is off to you,

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