Emoji Contest Results!

Hello RPF,

The emoji contest is now over and you have decided which emoji’s you want added to the discord server! The top 3 emoji’s will be added to the server. Here are the results…

In first place with 63 votes is Ping by DJCrystal

In second place with 61 votes is RPF-Stamp by Lavalade

And in third place with 53 votes is Oof by Werny

These three emoji’s will be added to the RPF discord server!

Here are the full results:

Congratulations to the winners and good luck in the next contest

-Tom and the contest team


  1. Congrats!

  2. congrats indeed

  3. I love that they gave me the name “Lavalane”. No problem though.
    Well done too for the other pins!

  4. love them, nice

  5. Good job for the people who didn’t make it in better luck next time! Well done the people who made it in congrats!

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