Emoji Contest [closed]

Hello RPF,

The submission stage is over for the RPF emoji contest, we have selected the best 6 emojis from all the submissions and it is your turn to vote on which emojis should be added to the RPF server. Here are the final 6 contestants:

1. RPF-Stamp – Lavablade

2. Ping – DjCrystal

3. Oof – Werny

4. Shock – Taetaer

5. Oops – Rockstarp

6. Cute – Tazy

Vote here (you can vote for 3 different emojis) :



Which emojis do you want added to the discord? (Up to 3 votes)

RPF-Stamp – Lavablade
Ping – DjCrystal
Oof – Werny
Shock – Taetaer
Oops – Rockstarp
Cute – Tazy
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You have a week to vote, ending on Wednesday 14th at 12am GMT/ 7am EST

Good luck to all

Tom and the contest team


  1. Love all of them 😀

  2. They’re all great!

  3. goody goody

  4. Vote for :oof: emote 😀


  5. wait how if the cpr is undermatnens how u guys still playing???

  6. i know this is off topic but i was banned from the rpf xat and discord, im 101% sure that left banned me because he was salty in a TOS game, and i laughed when he was the first to die. I felt like this perm ban is really unfair. if somebody could do something about this, that would be wonderful.

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