Event Design Contest Results!

Hello RPF,

Today we bring you the results for the event Design Contest. We over 30 seperate submissions in total and it was a tough choice for 1st. There is 1 winner and 2 runner-ups. Here are the results :

1st – Operation: Yin-yang by Lavahound! This event was chosen due to its originality and creativeness. The event will take place EU time on Tuesday where Lavahound will get to lead some of his tactics.

2nd – Operation: Rainbow Road by Max 186! Max has won the second place prize of 2500 Rebel Cash.

3rd – Operation: Rank vs Rank by Cmk1705! Cmk1705 will be given the third place prize of 1000 Rebel Cash.

Congratulations to the winners and good luck in the next contest! 

-Tom and the contest team


  1. RIGGED… jk


  2. Congrats all

  3. congratulations

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