Exposing & Responding to Maah’s Ridiculous Claims

In this post I will be exposing Maah and also responding to his ridiculous claims.

I URGE you to read all the post because everything goes hand in hand

If you are reading this post and have no idea who maah is – he’s a person that hates RPF and spreads false info about us. Here I am exposing him!

The real reason why Maah does not like RPF

To get a better understanding of my exposure on Maah, you must first understand why he is spreading this false information about RPF.

Maah owns a mascot tracker just like we do, but he has a problem with RPF, solely because we are his competition.

You see, since RPF’s website is so popular, we always get our websites pages and posts first on google. So when your average penguin is trying to find a mascot tracker, they find ours, and not his. This infuriates Maah. He does not actually hate the RPF because of what we are as an organization/army/group, but because we are his competition.

Maah has went so far as contacting popular youtubers to get a video advertisement for his mascot tracker just to surpass our popularity, but has failed.

Months pass, and RPF has gained thousands of new members looking for mascots, while Maah’s mascot tracker hasn’t gained many. As Maah gets demotivated due to his lack of progress, he starts becoming anti-RPF. He starts insulting the RPF, and even insulting some of our innocent members. His chat has a no bullying and be respectful rule, but he does not do anything about RPF disrespect; rather encourages it, as do his staff.

Image result for envy clipart

Maah’s goal is to spread hate and false information about RPF to stand out as the good guy to get popularity, which is why I am making this post. I don’t want him to succeed in such a malicious manner.

Maah does not own the trackers

Maah has claimed that we stole his mascot trackers and put it on our website. With this claim, you would think he owns the mascot trackers, but funnily enough, this is not the case.

Maah stole the tracker code from a website named cpcheats.co. This website supplied membership for Club Penguin and also had a famous mascot tracker on their website, and surprisingly, it looks like the EXACT mascot tracker Maah’s website uses.

Leaking my DM with Maah prior to his announcement

I even have proof of maah using cpcheats.co’s tracker without removing the watermark (probably because he didnt know how to at the time)

This is from like 9 months ago


Maybe he doesn’t own the mascot tracker after all…

I have no problem with him using it, but going as far as claiming its his is ridiculous.

He claims he edited it to his liking and blah blah blah a bunch of code talk to try to ditch the real point, but I don’t see the difference, other than adding ‘last seen’ and removing the watermark.

Proof RPF did not copy Maah’s mascot tracker

We did not copy maah’s tracker as he claims. We used the code from cpcheats.co as they were no longer active, changed the colors up a bit, added padding and set the value to what we believe looked best, and also got someone to remove the watermark for us.

If we copied the code off Maah’s website, which uses wix, our mascot tracker page would be glitched out completely as the code on wix wouldn’t work properly with wordpress.

It’s practically the same thing, as maah copied off cpcheats.co as well. That’s why our code is so similar.

Not to mention that Maah uses a bot to update the trackers, but we do it manually. Our pages html is completely different from pages html.

Here are screenshots from a LONG time ago where I wanted the cpcheats.co trackers but couldnt figure out how to put the code on our website.

Maah’s fail attempt to frame RPF

Maah’s biggest ‘evidence’ to how we copied ‘his’ mascot tracker is that we have matching pictures to his mascot tracker.

He claims that they cannot be found on google as they were privated on his imgur, and the only way to get them is through viewsource on his website.

This would make sense if his imgur was actually privated, but it was not when we found these pictures.

He privated them yesterday to make it look like the only way we got the pictures were through his website.


Below is my dm with maah

the images are free to be used by anyone, but aren’t accessible through google? Makes sense.

In conclusion, Maah had public imgur photos that could be found through google (which is how we found the pictures), and then he privated it before making the accusation of us copying to make it look like we copied his code to get the pictures.

Coincidence? I think not.

So after our website suffered downtime for a while, we lost our high google standings. To combat this problem we added mascot trackers to our website again to get more traffic to our mascot tracker page, to regain our old google position.

The current mascot trackers are from a month ago, but why do you only see Maah complaining about it now? Here’s why:

When we lost our google standings, Maah’s discord tracker was above ours, but now that our standing is back up and above theirs, Maah gets all fussy about ‘copying’.

Drop the envy, Maah.


In conclusion, Maah really hates RPF because we are his competition. he will go as far as spreading nonsense to get publicity. I guess I gave his what he was looking for, but I gave his what he deserved, and that was bad publicity.

I won’t do what Maah did and ban all people from his mascot tracker thats on our discord, but I strongly suggest everyone leave his chat if they’re already in it (I know most are not because it’s not popular). The people are often very rude and like to spread lies around.

I won’t sit around and let people spread false information about RPF for self-benefit. Sorry, Maah. 😉



Hello! I'm Chip. I am currently one of the three RPF leaders!


  1. Ok, so that means the RPF mascot tracker is better.

  2. Well, With Codey Getting removed and THIS, the CP community seems as toxic as modern day ROBLOX,

  3. Well damn, who woulda guessed someone would get so “hurt” because their tracker isn’t on top? Sad!
    Seriously tho, that’s just sad.

  4. This is a serious issue and I don’t want to get in it.

  5. Guess that means we fought the good fight!

  6. Tsk! Tsk! So SAD! Maah you got the shamed and guilt….This is what you get for framing R.P.F. A man who has the possession of fake news and slander information won’t affect us How sad and such failure. this will be your lesson boi.

    “Freedom prevails again, RPF wins Good Job Chip ftgf”

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