February 2018 Clothing Catalog Secrets: Club Penguin Rewritten

Hello all,

Today, CPR released their new catalog for the month of February! There are plenty of hidden items so let’s jump right into it!

If you want to join a large group on penguins that has fun events, parties, has the best and most reliable mascot tracker, and much more, click the buttom below!


Now, on with the secrets!

Video tutorial. Post tutorial is lower. Scroll down!




Click on the buttons on the Grey Tuxedo to be offered with ‘The Flickster’ hairstyle!

Clicking on the tip of the camera will show you a microphone!

Clicking the grey part of the rope offers you a black tie!

Clicking the blue dress portrays a White Tuxedo!


Pressing the pearl on the necklace will show you ‘The Starlette’ hairstyle!

Click the snow on by the top of the tree for a Black Party Dress

Clicking the bow tie offers you Pink Bow Shoes!


Clicking the peak of the mountain will show you a Snowflake Mask!

Press the screen of the MP3 Player to be presented with a Red Viking Helmet!

Bonus: For the Blue Viking helmet, click on and off of the red one 3-4 times!

Click the blue spot on the Flare Hoodie for a slick Silver Watch!

Click the heart to be offered Snowshoes!

That’s all of the secrets for this month! Check out the RPF youtube channel, which posts cheats like this and will have a guide for The Great Snow Maze! Click here!

Fight the good fight!

~Percy, RPF Second In Command

Percy ~

Casual... maybe too casual.


  1. this catalog is great

  2. Great formal wear! Love the new accessories too 🙂

  3. Pretty good!

  4. I love the starlet

  5. luv the black tie, makes my outfit complete!! (sorry im not wearing the uniform)

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