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Club Penguin Rewritten has finally released the Festival of Flight Party. In this post, I will tell you all about the new items available as well as some cool rooms that are featured.

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Continue Reading to find out some cool stuff about the Festival of Flight Party!

At the Plaza, you’ll find one of the first items you can collect – the Green Propeller Cap!

At the Forest, you can access the Balloon Ride to go to the Tallest Mountain!

Once the balloon takes off, you will have to wait until the timer runs out to reach your destination.

After arriving, you will be able to waddle over to pick up the Jet Pack.

The Jet Pack will allow you to hover off the ground!

If you go check out the Cove, you can see that the island is in the air!

At the Ice Berg, you can see Club Penguin hovering in the distance.

The Cloud-Maker 3000 at the Ski Hill allows you to create clouds of images on the screen such as the Purple Puffle.

At the Beach, there is a ladder that takes you directly up to the Beacon.

Here you can see one of the main propellers keeping up the island.

At the Dock is the Breeze Maker 3000. If you go stand on the buttons, kites will start flying!

In the Snow Forts, there are two air balloons perfect for an aerial snowball fight.

That’s about all I could find for now, if you saw something that wasn’t mentioned above, please leave a comment and it will be added to the post! Enjoy the party.


~ Gallant, RPF Second in Command


  1. SketchEk/WispyWoods

    you did not mention the new pin

  2. We need a Jetpack Guy tracker.

  3. I can’t get the jetpack what do I do?

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