Final decision (poll winner) – Discord or xat?

Hello, Rebels

Click continue reading to see how RPF will be continuing the days, weeks, and hopefully years ahead.

Over the past 4 years, we have been using RPFvictory as our main headquarters. Memories have been made, wars have been lost, and wars have been won by the dozens. Too many things have happened within the RPF headquarters.

RPF has been using as our chatbox since the start of RPF.

The leaders believed that RPF needed a change, especially with the new generation of Club Penguin Rewritten. The idea was brought up a few times before, only to not be taken seriously. A few days ago the RPF leaders gathered and listed the pros and cons of moving to discord, and unsurprisingly Discord was proven to be far better for RPF’s future.

However, we decided to make a poll on this matter, asking all the citizens of the Rebel Penguin Federation to state their opinion with a simple vote. A person or two attempted to fake votes for both discord and xat, however, they were swiftly caught. In the ultimate result, all those fake votes have been completely diminished for a fair final decision.

The final result is…

Discord 98Xat 83

once these results were in, we contacted RPF creator, commando via email, and shockingly, he came on chat within seconds!

Commando said he agreed with the change and that he will remove the xat chatbox off the site (that doesn’t mean our chat will be deleted though) and replace it with a discord link.

There you have it everyone. We will be moving to discord in the upcoming few days, hopefully by the end of the weekend.

There will be a tutorial for those who are not familiar with discord on the website in the upcoming days.

For proof regarding the fake votes, here are unexpected spikes within the responses timeline.



Hello! I'm Chip.



  2. But sad about discord winning hope this change is good I do admit it’s a decent choice however I don’t like in discord and I seem still confuse even tho I been studying it for a few days

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