This page has information about our status and relations with most armies as of now; listing who are allies, enemies, or neutral armies. If you want to be an ally of RPF or be added to this list, feel free to DM any active Rebel Commanders on Discord. Any unlisted armies can be considered neutral. There will also be a directive of what you’d do if you encounter them online. The Rebel Penguin Federation is open to discussing alliances with other armies, however, being an enemy has a very low chance of being neutral or an ally.

Last updated: July 31st, 2018

RPF Foreign Relations

Elite Trackers & Activities

Image result for elite trackers and activities

[ ||||| ||||| ||||| ]

Current Status: Ally

Directive: Defend when under enemy attack.

Elite Penguin Force

Image result for comm gear club penguin

[ ||||| ||||| ||||| ]

Current Status: Neutral

Directive: Place under surveillance if suspicious.

Nova Phoenix Corps

||||| ||||| ||||| ]

Current Status: Neutral

Directive: Place under surveillance if suspicious.


[ |||| |||| |||| ]

Current Status: Neutral

Directive: Place under surveillance if suspicious.

Purple Republic

Image result for purple republic

||||| ||||| ||||| ]

Current Status: Enemy

Directive: Attack and defeat when encountered.


||||| ||||| ||||| ]

Current Status: Enemy

Directive: Attack and defeat when encountered.

Red Rogue Alliance

Image result for team red club penguin

[ |||| |||| |||| ]

Current Status: Enemy

Directive: Attack and defeat when encountered.


  1. all of the armies of are our enemies LOLZ

  2. golden sun they aren’t but some can act like it

  3. Kings suck

  4. I guess Nachos aren’t an enemy of us, nor is AR anymore. Thank god. But I seriously wish Doritos were allies…. -.-

  5. Our relations with Doritos have fallen to pieces im just glad we have a decent amount of allies.

    Name: Fedd76
    Rank: Sergeant

  6. Plz remoeve Wild Ninjas from the allies page!

  7. Add ACP on the enemy list!

  8. hopefully if i create my own army its not gonna be an enemy of RPF

  9. actually if no one reads this I’m allies with teutons nachos and if i can doritos.

  10. Chip, Doritos hated and hate u like shit! Remove them from the allies page!

  11. Watch the Language Karan


  13. Remove ACP from enemies, they cant be our enemy if they don’t exist.

  14. ACP is gone and the army should be removed. I also would like for someone to add a neutral section to the page.

  15. MarMew you cant give us orders to us like that, remember were are higher in the rpf ranks than you, be careful with your tone on the chat or people may ban you for being arrogant.

  16. Where is KZone in the enemies page

  17. Its excellent as your other articles :D, appreciate it for posting.

  18. What is the site for these armies?L

    Red Guitars
    Red Mafias

  19. Red mafias do have a site, I don’t know about others. Tubas and Rangers also got a site and chat.

  20. It’s quite funny how in less than 12 hours RPF had PPA on their list. Pretty efficient. But you didn’t post the battle which put PPA on the list.

  21. Aren’t Rangers allies? I thought they were.

  22. Add purple reign to Allies

  23. Knights are our enemies a bunch of them openly attack me when i went to my uniform saying i’m a RPF and threw snow balls at me

  24. all of the armies are dead lol, except for Blacksmiths/Redsmiths and Tubas

  25. Dem blacksmiths 2 annoying fo me

  26. Hey guys, I saw this army called GANG GANG. They call themselves The Four OGs and Cuties in raincoats. I’m going to be honest, some of us battle against them and we lost. I don’t like admitting it but it’s true. I think we should add them to our list, as a precaution to stop them before it happens again.

    • Gang Gang Should be in ENEMYS. So yes i agree

      • Yup, in enemies. I hear from them every day; a lot of people talk about them for some random reason. I know that the leaders know they exist and everything but they don’t seem to care, kinda sucks.

  27. you should add gang gang in there as enemies. they claim the have beat rpf 3 times. and they keep calling rpf trash and saying we stink. They say we are cowards. Pls add them.

  28. I agree with pinky, add gang gang. They keep telling us we’re trash and everything. They even got three of us banned because we “bullied” them while a moderator was there. I know they’ve already won like one or two times but we need to stop them. pls add them guys

  29. can u add red mafia as a alie

  30. put cones in enemies



    -entralink leader of the CPPA

  33. Creme Egg/Chef Creme

    Entralink why you claiming my leadership man

  34. Add PPU (Peace Protection Union) to the neutral list too.

  35. we need a new forces called the Guardians

  36. What about the ducks?

  37. drummers on enemies list I say. Lavender guys with snare drums

    • Heck CooCooHippo the penguin should just be on the enemies list – he is at like all our events as whatever the dominating opposing army is

  38. The Romans should be on here. Put them as neutral, please.

  39. Oh! Someone should sure add the Candy Corns to the enemies 🙂


  41. What about the pathetic excuse if an army, the duck squad?

  42. What about the duck army? Or duck squad… Whatever its called.

  43. What about the Red Penguin Mafia? My cousin saw some the other day but he’s not apart of any armies so he didn’t do anything.

  44. Add Pizza Gang to allies, one of them announced an alliance with us in an unscheduled battle today.


  46. update it please , last night romans teamed up with tubas against us, so we are now at war

  47. A new Army named the Propeller Army has stated that they are Ally’s with the RPF, during the latest unexpected Event againt he Tubas, it was apparently confirmed that the PA and RPF are Ally’s.

  48. Rip uma lmao

  49. wait at some point didn’t we talk about making the romans allies what happened to that?

  50. Luckily we got some good people!

  51. at least the PengMercs are allies. Right?

  52. what about THE DUCKS??????????????????????????

  53. Oh god
    U guys should realize theres no more doritos or nachos or acp and the others 2006-2010 armies
    Yes u might see them but if u go to nachos website they said that after the shutdown of original cp,the nachos died and they told that dont make any copies of nachos to the private servers and i think that other armies think the same exept rpf cuz we will never fall

  54. I don’t see many romans around, I’m not sure if there active.
    Just saying

  55. Guys, add Propeller Army in allies. during an unsheduled battle against the tubas they stated they are allies with RPF and unite with us (RPF). So please add them in allies.

  56. Just goes to show that the number of active armies plummeted after the termination of Club Penguin.

  57. I knew we are enemies with the Tuba Gang because we’re at war with them.

  58. Hello RPF! I know you have no reason to trust me but I can help you. I am the leader of the CPR Ranger Corps, an elite task force of peacekeepers. I have infiltrated among the masses of the United Republic of Trees.
    The United Republic of Tree’s has stated that they are hostile to the RPF and Romans and will continue to fight against them. They were previously called the CPPS.
    I will continue to update as I gain information.
    Ranger Corps [Founder]

  59. Add the new Guitar Gang to allies or neutral. They too, are against Tubas.

  60. Suggestion:

    Put the ANTI-RPF icon as The Holy Cross.


  61. Guess we should add Elm’s army now…

  62. oml this is too much i just knew about tubas smh

  63. Where’s the RPM?

  64. When will RPM be added? They kinda hate us… or are they anti rpf crew? But um… RPM should definitely be here.

  65. Fight the Good Fight!

  66. Good to know Allies, Neutral and Enemies! Fight The Good Fight!

  67. When I try to engage in a fight with a enemy they have no idea what the RPF is, are they extremely unorganized or something

    • Pretty much every proper army knows the RPF, from my experience, RPF troops don’t know who other armies are (they thought EGCP were RPM)

  68. Gang Gang looks dumb

  69. Why does a tuba smell like a rotten banana that a rat pooped on it

  70. ;( I miss our allied status…

  71. Why don’t we have any allies? 🙁
    ~Why can’t we be friends..~

  72. Games/Kanuiker thats too lazy to sign into a WP account

    Add SWAT to neutral.

  73. Add Oof Team to llazy

  74. We have no allies? Last time I checked we had some. Or did all of our allies die with CPR? We should probably get some treaty’s going…

  75. Polaris Legion are the RPFs enemys

  76. Templars are Neutral

    • Technically Templars are based in Oasis, another Club Penguin Private Server, and since we don’t mainly operate on Oasis so they aren’t a threat thus no need to even put them on the list..

      • Annon- CPA [Formerly abc61218]

        That was true, but definitely not at this point where things have really escalated [Operation Dynamis].

  77. only one ally, not suprised what with how independant we are.

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