Fun Post – What year was classic Club Penguin trending?

Hello, everyone

I decided to make this fun post regarding a subject I’m sure everyone has asked themselves once – “What was Club Penguin best year?”

Although this does not completely prove what Club Penguin’s most active year was, it does show what Club Penguin’s most popular year was.

These analytics are based on google searches through 2005 until the end of CP, which was March 29th, 2017.

These analytics are provided by itself, so they are highly reliable.

Refer to the screenshots below.

What was Club Penguin’s ‘most popular year’?

Yep, Club Penguin’s most ‘popular year’ was December of 2010.

When did Club Penguin start losing popularity? 

Yep, July 2013.

Was Club Penguin’s spike in trend as big as people thought when Disney announced the soon-to-come shutdown?

Nope, just a little spike. Compare that to December 2010.!

Just a fun post guys, hope you enjoyed

You can view the entire thing by clicking HERE



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  1. Interesting post ill check out that website

  2. This is decently accurate.

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