Get Up Or We Will Get Out !!

We are getting annoyed with Rpf sizes. We are Really very Angry with Rpf. Even If we make an Important Post , No one Reads it, and noone takes care of attending events and doing something good to RPF .  That is why we are Warning Rpf that . If We do not get sizes of 20+  in 1  Month and this post is made on 31st March so calculatively 1 month will take place at 1st May from now on, if until 1st May we don’t start getting sizes of 20+ then Me, Haider67  and Steve Francis will decide to Leave Rpf. Even If you guys Try to get Sizes We Won’t Quit Rpf, because we know noone is trying right now.

If you guys don’t  care of Me,Haider and Steve Francis Leaving Rpf just tell us in the Comments or Tell us in the Chat and We won’t hesitate leaving Rpf in a Second.  So it’s choice to all of you on what to do next, ignore to get the loss of 3 troops, or just try to get atleast a bit better and have no deduction in troops,and ofcourse all of us 3 have agreed on quiting rpf if we don’t meet the reqirements, steve francis said to get 50+ in 1 month and we so hardly deducted it to 20+,and he agreed, so think how easy we made it for you guys, and if you guys still can’t do better it is for sure we all 3 are going to quit rpf

Rpf Command Sergeant,

Haider and Nikunj67


  1. Hello Nikunj and Haider. I also agree with this post,and I am also telling Elmikey for the future purpose that we this happen then I don’t think great legends will also not come to RPF if they see this type of chat size then I don’t think that they will help us.So,please see the chat and stay online for almost 1 hrs then give us further details if we should recruit or not.And by my suggestion its my challenge that within 1 month you should get almost 50+ soldiers and that’s all I want to say before ending this comment………….

    Your Obediently
    Steve Francis

  2. The thing is, the loss and deduction of 3 troops wouldn’t even make a difference at all compared to how many troops from 2013 we’ve lost. We care about this trio, but threatening to leave doesn’t even help the situation at all. You’ll have to encourage the troops and get some help from others to influence them and make the Rebel Penguin Federation what it actually is.

    If we’re here to serve, we’re here to protect. So, what’s the use of loyalty if there is no helping? As you can see, people are trying but help is not getting received, at all.

    Now about this post, there is incorrect grammar and some of the spelling is incorrect. We need to keep the Rebel Penguin Federation as professional as possible.

    I’m not trying to offend, but rather help.

  3. Hello Junie.I am also very impressed with your comment I also agree that our chat is not encouraged and cannot recruit I think not a single soldier will come if this happens.And see this when I came to the 1st day of April today see> now I think slowly-slowly not a single moderator is going to come I am very ashamed and I think the challenge is not going to succeed……………………

    Your Obediently
    Steve Francis (RPF Veteran)

  4. Dear Junie,first of all the loss of 3 troops might not be big,but compared to the sizes usually me nikunj and steve only come to rpf,so if we go deduct 1 size, and ofcourse we all recruit this much which could atleast have something, and ofcourse we make most of the posts no1 reads it,every second every time and noone reads it,i kept encouraging the troops bt no difference took place,because noone cares about the post, the 3rd thing, and i have helped rpf protect up by coming to soo many events in most of them we maxed 8 and others were cancelled,i did enough of it when i realised all of you guys r soo much lazy u guys dont even read posts and come to event,and noone is soo busy that they will try and still they won’t make it to the event after soo huge army that we are, and the loyality which we showed wasn’t a bit help to rpf also,why? because whatever we did was ignored by the troops,see all posts you will see soooo many of mine and still noone care how hard we try to make RPF good,and ofcourse i don’t know the gramatical and spelling mistakes in this post,tell me and i will sure correct them

  5. surely*

  6. I just don’t know how to organize my feelings about this. Let’s just say I can’t handle losing another RPF friend.

  7. nikunj clearly said “we won’t quit rpf even if some1 tries to get sizes” jst because we all 3 and all of you guys know that noone is trying to do something, i made so many important posts, noone read even after said it is important for all rpf troops, and noone is sooo busy that even after we have soo many ppl in ranks we are maxing only 8-9, now, let me tell you guys the actual reason of quitting rpf which will make everything clear, first of all me,nik and steve have been in RPF no matter how much bad time RPF was having, we decided to quit RPF now because its sooo much clear noone tries to come to events,recruit or even read posts, after i have made sooo many posts to encourage the trooops to attend events, recruit and be active and noone did read even 1 of the posts, i kept speding all my time in RPF from the last 2 years, we used to far more better than this even after i wasn’t an author at those times, now i made so many posts to encourage troops and our sizes have done no change, n pan we made this negative post fr better of rpf only, so tht we may try our best to to good,cuz whn we did positive posts no1 read them to make rpf good

  8. n zephere if that is fr the good of rpf there will be no problem for you to leave a friend, if it will thanx for being such a great friend n i dont think so chances are soo bad tht we will have to quit rpf

  9. and ofcourse only pan,zephere and junie try something for rpf, so less
    which means majority does nothing, that makes all old encouraging posts nothing but a waste

  10. retired eternal member

    You should learn that working with fear doesn’t works.

    I think you’re kinda desperate for no one working in this place, but why don’t you work alingside more experienced people and learn a few things about them? I never lead anything, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing to ask for advice to other armies’ leaders.

    Being too prideful won’t get you anywhere.

  11. Look eternal member, noone is trying to create fear in heart of the troops,it is an announcement if me,nik n steve don’t see activeness n wht rpf can actually do,we will quit rpf because i told the reasons earlier and ofcourse i have learned about experienced ppl n other things, this isn’t the matter, n noone is being proubful if i actually was, i would have said many other things

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