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Even though we have so many posts on our website ranging from promotional posts to event results to secret items on Club Penguin Rewritten and much, much more, we still need moooooreeeeee!!! And after all, great minds think alike! And do you know where most of the great minds are? In the RPF! We need your ideas on what should be on this website! And this is the right place to put all of them in!

Chip and I are already going to do a series called “Getting to Know the Troops” which basically interviews soldiers in the army to get a clear understanding of who they are! I’m also thinking about starting a series called “Troop Creations” where we show off creations from art to igloos by the soldiers on the website, which would be really cool!

So, tell us, what are your ideas for this great army’s website?

What’s on the horizon next?



idk stop asking


  1. Can we have a file for fanart? I would not like to scroll through 497 pages just to find some art xD

  2. Flashback- Every week or so post a picture or a video of an old battle


    So to the ideas. How about a daily time, set, say, an hour or two before/after the battle (Or both). There can be a scheduled event where a featured igloo or just a mini-event (hide and seek, mini-game competitions, etc.) can take place.

    Also, if at all possible, to bring back and improve on the previous Battle Central, or whatever the tab was called where CP was on the left and the chat log on the right. That would help.

    Welp, that’s me signing off.


  4. Continuing Philosophical Friday.

  5. Fanarts + RPF fan ficition stories like “Tundra Wars”

  6. Make a new map of CPR like the classic armies map. this way we can more easily tell who owns what

  7. I think we should post some diy projects from RPF troops and how to do them.

  8. We should also have a file made for funny moments in RPF.

  9. my idea is when the offical leader retires maddog should be the leader and post all comments

  10. also comment back on this guys

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