Halloween Candy Hunt Full Guide – CLUB PENGUIN REWRITTEN

Hello all,

Today, CPR released the new Halloween Party, and along with it a new scavenger hunt, the Halloween Candy Hunt! This is the full and complete guide to finding all of the items in the hunt!

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Now for the guide!

There are 8 pieces of candy to find in this hunt! But first, you’ll need to go to the haunted house (accessible through the forest) and pick up a candy basket!

Once you’ve done this, you can start the hunt! ALL CANDY LOCATIONS ARE BOXED IN RED!

The first piece of candy is located at the town in the window of the coffee shop!

The second piece of candy is located at the light house behind a chair!

The third piece of candy is located in the boiler room behind a slip of paper on the bulletin board!

Click the paper, and a candy corn drops out!

The fourth candy is located in the plaza, inside of a boiling pot of green liquid!

The fifth piece of candy is located in the docks!

The sixth piece of candy is located in the mad scientist lab which is accessible through the book room (upstairs of coffee shop)!

To access the lab, you must own the mad scientist costume (available for purchase at the stage)!

Upon arrival, click on the green candle to reveal a secret passageway, then go down! At the bottom, you’ll find a caramel apple!

The seventh piece of candy is located in the haunted house and is hidden behind the door on the left. NOTE: the piece of candy will not appear every time you open the door. But keep trying and eventually it will appear on the ground, in front of a brick wall! NOTE 2: If people are blocking the door, go to a less populated server to get this candy. HOWEVER you will have to get every other piece of candy again upon relogging!

And lastly, the eighth (and final) piece of candy is located outside of the dojo in the bushes!

Now you should have completed the hunt! Open the menu to claim your prize!

The prize is a Halloween scarf!

Here’s how it looks in-game:

That’s the complete guide for the hunt! Enjoy the party and fight the good fight!

Popsicle, RPF Leader





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  2. It didn’t work?

  3. Super useful, managed to find ’em all in no time, thanks!

  4. thank you for making this! this is super helpful i tought i wasnt gonna find one like this! i dont like going on youtube for tutorials and a thought i wasnt gonna find one in text form! so thank you!

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