Heroes Don’t Make Their Enemies Suffer

Greetings RPF,

It has been many years since I began plotting against the ACP. My vendetta with the ACP began with the destruction of my home army the Golden Troops. It was also based on my belief that the ACP abused their power within the community and made it an unfair place in which other armies could not prosper. It had always been my dream to create an equal community in which everyone can prosper, hence my plans to open the CP Army Government and establish a fair community in which we can work together with one another. I crossed a line that was not easy for me to cross and I killed my enemy.

Hate was my only ally, my only weapon, and my only friend throughout my vendetta with the ACP. Revenge is not the life my predecessors wanted for me and along the road of revenge I spread hate and death to bring justice. It was my intention to bring hate and death to ACP but when others got in the way my mindset became twisted but I still kept to my morals and I spared my enemies regardless of their involvement with the ACP. The ACP was a sacrifice I was willing to make to bring about my dream. I will not make another, I made a vow that after the death of ACP I would hold to my oath to obey my morals.

No man should act as judge, jury, and executioner, even me. However I will not weaken from my stance on using force. I will be the President of all CP Armies, and I will use my hate as a weapon to defeat those who would stand in my way. Hate is a powerful ally, a powerful weapon, one that forges wars and ends them. Only when one learns to control hate and not be consumed by it can they use hate for good. The RPF are not a death squad we are the sword of the future army government. We will be the police of this community and we will bring justice. We will only swing that sword when it is put to a vote.

I crossed a line that only through enlightenment I was able to see that if I cross that line again, I will become the very thing I swore to destroy. In the future when this community is threatened that threat will be judged by its peers, and the people will decide the fate of that threat, they will decide to kill that enemy or bring them to their knees and force justice upon them, whilst leaving them with just enough to rebuild and have another chance. As a legend of the RPF it is my responsibility to set an example for the future generations of RPF. I want them to know that they can be better than I was. I spent a long time in the dark and coming back from that isn’t possible for everyone, my strength enabled me to hold onto my morals even in my most blood thirsty moments. My life isn’t the life I want for the RPF troops. Heroes don’t make their enemies suffer and they don’t kill except if totally necessary.

– Lord Pain

Video Representation of the Lesson in this Speech:


  1. Whoa. That was DEEP.

  2. All bow to the almighty Lord Pain *bows*

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