How to Earn RebelCash for Free (get cool roles)

How to earn Rebelcash

Rebelcash Reactions

Rebelcash Reactions are very simple, after every event, once the result post is posted a flower reaction event will start in #announcements. All you have to do is react to the message with the cash symbol that the bot reacted with. At this point in time it will give you 100 rebelcash. (To check how much rebelcash you have say “.$” in #music-bot-spam)

RPF Businesses

RPF Businesses are another way to earn rebelcash. There are 3 current businesses, in order to check these businesses in detail check pinned messages in #music-bot-spam. Here are the basic outline of them:

Reps For Rebelcash By Biffer

Need more rebel cash? You’ve come to the right place! RFF provides rebel cash for your reputation points which can be spent on buying the special roles, waifus and much more! Say “t!rep @Biffer#1314” to transfer me your Rep which I will turn into rebel cash! When you spend me a Rep point, I’ll give you Rebel Cash when I’m around. If I’m not online, just wait.

The current exchange rate is 1 Rep for 140 rebelcash, 170 for people with the Monopolizer role

 Keem’s Even Bigger Package™
Do you need to make some even bigger league exchanges? Keem’s Even Bigger Package™ has you covered! Here’s what you have to choose from:
2,250 credits – 1,300 rebelcash
4,500 credits – 3,000 rebelcash
9,000 credits – 6,600 rebelcash
Example: t!credit @Keemyorg123#0106 9000 –
Disclaimer: You may only use Keem’s Even Bigger Package™ once per week!
Note: You can get credits by being active on RPF discord chat, in any channel! Check your credits by doing t!credits command in #music-bot-spam

Rebelcash Bundles™ By Junie

Running low on precious Rebel cash, kid? Have no fear! RCB gives you a quick and easy way to earn Rebel cash from your credits which can be spent on waifus, special roles and much more! I will transfer Rebel cash to you if you send me a bundle of credits! Say “t!credits @Junie1712#8651 amount of credits” to send me your credits so I can transfer them into Rebelcash!

Here are the current offers:

100 credits for 70 rebelcash

200 credits for 140 rebelcash

300 credits for 210 rebelcash

Once you have sent me your credits he will send you your RC when I’m available.

Note: You can get credits by being active on RPF discord chat, in any channel! Check your credits by doing t!credits command in #music-bot-spam

Disclaimer: You can only use this business once per day! If you send me multiple bundles I will only give you money for one of them! Also, dailying me credits counts as payment too.



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