How to Enter the Box Dimension on Club Penguin Rewritten!

Hello, everyone

RPF back with some Club Penguin(rewritten) tutorials!

Ever wondered how some people enter the Box Dimension room when there isn’t even an entrance anywhere on the map?

This room is not accessible to the general public after the April Fools party. However, there is still a way to get in!

You will need to find someone’s igloo that has the Box portal, then you may enter the Box Dimension. 

The Box Portal is obtainable in the April Fools party.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

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Hello! I'm Chip.


  1. SketchEk/WispyWoods

    my friend has this portal in his igloo but he only played during the april fools party and told me about cpr in april 11th so that is why i started in april 11th.
    i can just click on him because i added him xd

  2. I’ve done this before! It’s simple!


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