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So a lot of people have asked where to get the black guitar, and that they cannot find it. Well, that is because it’s HIDDEN! Yep! Let me walk you through on how to get it.

So, first, you need to go to town, and then enter the Gift Shop

Once you are in the Gift Shop, open the Clothes Catalog, and then flip right six times until you see the ST Patricks day page. 

Once you see it, click on the green penguin’s RIGHT FOOT! Yea.. weird, huh?

When you click on his foot, you should see a new penguin, holding a BLACK GUITAR! You will need 975 coins to be able to purchase the black guitar.

There you have it, everyone. That’s how you get the HIDDEN black guitar! Be sure to show anyone who needs help finding it!

Big thanks to Elmikey and many others for helping me out with finding this hidden item.

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